Top 10 BPO Providers in India: Outsourcing at its very best

The outsourcing  industry in India has developed into a success story mainly due to the solid foundation set up by the top companies operating in this sector. The effective strategies implemented by these enterprises together with good infrastructure and an effective workforce have enabled many of these organizations to achieve fruitful results. This has led them to attain the status of being among the top 10 BPO providers in India.
Top 10 BPOs
The BPO provider Genpact with its corporate office in Haryana is one of the top 10 BPO providers in the country.  Its main focus is on business process and technology management. Services offered by this company range from healthcare, insurance, life sciences, telecommunication, and financial services to consumer goods.

Another company that can be listed among the top 10 BPO providers in India is Tata Consultancy Services. This company boasts of robust technology and world-class workers. It has focused its resources on business process outsourcing. The company follows a unique transformation methodology FORE™, which assists in effective delivery of services.

The BPO company Aegis has been successful in ventures that it has undertaken in sectors such as telecom, healthcare, retail, technology, auto & manufacturing, travel & hospitality, not to mention publishing and media.

Meanwhile, the power of Wipro should also be not underestimated. This company has been a successful driver of growth in the outsourcing industry. Its activities range from services in the private sector to operations in government agencies.

Firstsource is yet another enterprise that has the potential of being in the list of top 10 BPO providers. This company is a leading global player that offers solutions across banking, financial, healthcare, media, and telecommunication domains.

Top 10 BPO providers accelerate growth in the outsourcing industry

Companies in the outsourcing industry that have attained the status of being one of the top 10 BPO providers have fueled the growth of this sector in India. Another company that would belong to this list is Aditya Birla Minacs. It partners with leading players in the industry and offers solutions in IT, marketing, finance, insurance, healthcare, and many other sectors.

A BPO company that specializes in cross industry solutions is WNS, which can be counted among the top 10 BPO providers in the outsourcing industry.

EXL services offers analytics solutions in addition to business process services. This company is labeled a top service provider in the country.

A leading enterprise in this field, Infosys BPO is distinguished by its global presence. It has established its operations across Europe, Asia and the Americas. This has catapulated it to a top spot among the premier institutions in the outsourcing industry.

Serco Global Services is another leading BPO provider that supports multinational clients. This company also has a worldwide presence with 100 delivery centers spread across Australia, Europe, Philippines, UK, US, Africa, India and the Middle East.

Many of the companies that are the top BPO providers in India have contributed to the advances made in the outsourcing industry. The progress made by these enterprises has opened up a new world of opportunities in this sector.

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