Top 10 emerging product start-ups in India – Part 2

India is on a steady path of upward growth with indigenous companies contributing to the economy. As per recent surveys the major contribution comes from the likes of startup companies in every industry. These companies though new to the market, have proven to be a threat to the big players in terms of obtaining value added customers.

In our previous article, we listed the top 10 emerging product start-ups in India and also stated how NASSCOM chooses the best out of the most promising ones as the Emerging 10. In Part 2 of the article, we present the next set of 5 companies who with their products have attained customer satisfaction and eventually created newer trends.

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  1. Rolocule Games

    Rolocule is a gaming company established by Anuj Tandon and Rohit Gupta in the year 2010. The company produces games for tablets and smart phones which can be played easily by users. The games can be accessed and downloaded easily. Rohit, the Chief Executive Officer said that the company saw over 1.5 million games download in more than 100 countries which is a proportion of a download in every 30 seconds.
    The game includes the same graphics as in the company’s Xbox and PlayStation on tablets and smartphones. Rolocule is also working on the research of Game technology.

  2. IKen

    IKen is a Bombay based start-up company founded by Siddharth Goyal in the context of increasing demand on personalized analysis. The company is involved in the production of educational products such as books and toys for kids. Iken currently charges license fee depending on the ratio of end users. The company is expecting revenues of 3-5 crores in this fiscal year and aims at 15-20 crores in the coming year.

  3. Asteor Software

    Asteor Software co-founded by Shankar Krishnamoorthy to provide users with software as a service. The Softwares in the company’s software model are cloud enabled. With 10 active customers, Asteor reported revenues of 66 lakh last year and expects to touch Rs. 1.4 crore in the coming year. In addition, the company provides SaaS as APIs and service. Hence the startup companies with SaaS as their product can use Asteor platform to build their business functions.

  4. Reverie Language Technologies

    Reverie Language Technologies was founded by Arvind Pani in the year 2009. The company was established following the increasing demand for mobile phones. Users can now communicate using texts of any complex language on mobile phones and tablets. In addition, this version can also be installed in navigation devices and set-top boxes. The version supports 22 Indian languages and 10 international languages. The company has recorded revenues of 1 crore last year. Arvind, the Chief Executive at Reverie claims to be the only company that offers end to end solutions for complex languages. The company’s solutions are applicable in phones of $50 to high-end smartphones.

  5. Knolskape

    Knolskape is a gaming company involved in training management students at top B-schools and eventually making them managers with leadership skills. The company was established by Rajiv Jayaraman in the year 2008. It creates multimedia case studies with levels of storylines. The readers have the access to move on to the next level once the previous level is completed. The company has operations in the US, South East Asia, India, and the Middle East and generates a turnover of around 3 crore each year. Knolskape provides managers with simulators which would help them in effective decision making.

These top 10 emerging companies can be expected to roll out more innovative products and services which would make them the market leaders in their respective fields of business in the next couple of years. With customers always striving for more, this would be the right opportunity for startups to make their move.

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