Top 10 Outsourcing Destinations in India

India is a preferred destination for outsourcing IT and ITES services. The position held by India is due to its cities that act as good offshore outsourcing hubs. These cities include the metro cities and some of the tier II cities of India that have fuelled this growth spark. Mentioned below are the top 10 outsourcing destinations in India:

1. Bangalore

Bangalore, the IT hub of India is one of the leading destinations for outsourcing in the country. The Silicon Valley of India has adequate infrastructure to cater to the high demands of the global outsourcing industry. The availability of skilled manpower in the city also adds to its advantage and helps Bangalore to retain its position as one of the top outsourcing cities in India.

2. Hyderabad

Hyderabad has acquired its position among the top cities for outsourcing in India due to its good urban infrastructure and the support of the government for the IT industry developing in the state. The city is witnessing planned growth and the focus is on improving and expanding the existing infrastructure for further growth in the IT industry. All these factors sum up to make Hyderabad a lucrative outsourcing destination in India.

3. Chennai

Chennai is one of the major outsourcing destinations in India. The city was not a big name for IT operations during the initial days of IT boom in India. But with its improving infrastructure, low cost of living, availability of skilled manpower, low attrition rate and the presence of several major software companies, Chennai has grown to become a leading name among the outsourcing cities in India.

4. National Capital Region (NCR)

The National Capital Region of India comprises of Delhi and its surrounding suburbs, i.e. Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. This whole area has developed into one of the leading outsourcing destinations in India. Delhi in itself is not a very popular choice for outsourcing. But its suburbs like Gurgaan and Noida have become attractive outsourcing destinations due to their proximity to the capital city, improving infrastructure and the availability of skilled manpower.

5. Pune

Pune, one of India’s fast growing industrial cities has also turned out to be a major outsourcing destination. The city is close to Mumbai, India’s financial capital. The city has trained manpower. The cost of living is quite low in Pune. These apart, the city also has good infrastructure. All these factors combine to make Pune one of the preferred destinations for outsourcing in India.

6. Kolkata

Kolkata, a major IT hub in the eastern part of the country is also a leading destination for outsourcing. The city has skilled manpower and good infrastructure. The low cost of living is a major advantage in the city. The city is witnessing the growth of specific areas like Rajarhat that possess high potential for growth in the IT sector. The state government is also encouraging investors and software companies to set up bases in the capital city of West Bengal.

7. Coimbatore

Coimbatore, the upcoming IT hub of India has emerged as one of the top outsourcing cities of India. The state government of Tamil Nadu is keen on developing and promoting Coimbatore as a major IT destination of the country. The city has adequate skilled manpower and good infrastructure to meet the demands of the outsourcing industry. Within a short time the city has progressed to establish itself as a major name in the outsourcing industry.

8. Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India is also a leading name in the sphere of outsourcing destinations. The city has made tremendous progress as a base for the IT and BPO industry. Several major software companies have headquarters in this city. The presence of skilled manpower and good infrastructure has propelled Mumbai to the position of being of one India’s leading outsourcing destinations.

9. Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink city of India is making major progress as an industrial hub. The city has the offices of several major IT/ITES and BPO giants. The city presents ideal conditions for the outsourcing industry. The improving infrastructure and the low cost of living combine to give the city an edge over other tier II cities of India and make it a top destination for outsourcing in India.

10. Mysore

Mysore Palace illuminated. Photograher Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Mysore Palace illuminated. Photograher Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Mysore, the city of palaces has a lot to offer for the outsourcing industry in India. This city of Karnataka is situated near Bangalore. It boosts of the presence of some of the biggest names in the IT industry, including Infosys and Wipro. The city is fast emerging as a preferred destination for outsourcing due to its inexpensive cost of living, availability of skilled manpower and low attrition rates.

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