Top 10 vendors in mobile BPM

Mobile BPM

Enterprises have been increasingly adopting mobile BPM, effectively leveraging the explosion taking place in mobile devices, capabilities and platforms. Even though mobile BPM is still a little behind enterprise apps such as Business intelligence (BI) and CRM, the technology is rapidly catching up.

There are several challenges like security in mobile BPM and form factor limitations, yet a few key mobile BPM vendors have been effectively leveraging mobile BPM impacting competitiveness, increasing employee productivity and in turn, return on investment. Ten key vendors in the arena are discussed below.

  1. Appian: This company has been topping the list of most analysts and makes use of native applications in a variety of platforms. The Tempo interface of Appian is well optimized to support mobile form factors. Appian offers integration capabilities for ERP and CRM and takes requests and notifications to the next level through their native apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS.
  2. Pegasystems: The approach of Pegasystems is different from that of Appian. The company imparts mobile capabilities for a customer-built custom application. The advantage of not having a standard app, as stated by the company, is that this helps in continuous improvement.
  3. IBM: The approach of IBM lies in between that of Pegasystems and Appian. IBM offers out of the box app as well as leverages REST interface so as to build custom apps.
  4. Bizagi has had an important update in mobile BPM the previous year. It builds on the company’s expertise in insurance and banking, helping the company to branch out to new verticals such as medical. The knowledge modules of Bizagi make use of templates which have a basis of industry-common practices. These modules rely heavily on compliance, admin and HR, customer service and IT operations.
  5. TIBCO: The Silver Mobile server of TIBCO handles mobile BPM. TIBCO Formvine also offers the facility of building basic BPM functionality in requests and approvals and process and workforce management.
  6. PNMSoft: The Business Process Management On-the-Go is the mobile offering of PNMSoft which helps in boosting the BPM suite of the company, known us Sequence Kinetics, in a number of Microsoft platforms like Dynamics, azure and SharePoint.
  7. OpenText: Even though the Canadian company has been reigning somewhere in the top when it comes to BPM, it has been slow in implementing mobile BPM. Nevertheless, this will undergo a significant change through the approach of OpenText of using HTML 5 instead of native apps.
  8. SavMobify: SavMobify is actually a third-party interface intended for Savvion. This separates the client app from back-end platform.
  9. HandySoft: The BizFlow Mobile solution of HandySoft provides workload analysis, SLA tracking, decision trends and is strong on various collaboration tools.
  10. Bosch: The mobility initiative of Bosch is company fleet-specific. Intelligence networking can leverage on the inubit suite of Bosch designed for BPM. This is done by the utilization of proprietary methodologies like the BPM+ Enabling Tools of the company.

Mobile BPM is well on its way of rapid implementation by various vendors. With the above vendors leading the way, the day is not far off when the technology becomes a widely implemented one.

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