Top 20 technology driven trends in 2012

Now we are living in a high-tech era, where every business relies heavily on technology for survival. In order to gain competitive advantage, organizations are adopting upgraded and advanced technological applications. Anticipating future technology trends and planning ways to implement them will lead to business success.

Being proactive to future trends will help one to stay competitive in a cluttered market like India. So here we are pointing out 20 technology-driven trends that can help you win better business opportunity in the upcoming year, 2012/2013.

  1. The Big Data Growth

    Existing information management systems can be enriched through advanced cloud computing services.  This new level of data integration using advanced technologies and techniques, will improve enterprise-wide visibility and to have efficient business decisions. Rapid increase in data, which can be called as Big Data can be a growing trend, which can’t be neglected.

  2. Cloud Computing and Advanced Cloud Services

    Cloud computing got increased at a rapid rate as it enables reduction in employee cost and sales management functions. All business sizes will go for cloud services, as it determines the way by which an organization, obtain and maintain software, hardware, and computing capacity.

  3. On Demand Services

    Companies deploying new services as part of expansion process will definitely look for on demand services. Other firms may deal with the need for software or hardware services. Therefore the need for ‘IT as a service’ had grown rapidly for small as well as large size companies. Through BPM in IT services, these companies can access to powerful software programs and advanced technology without spending much for infrastructure and IT resources.

  4. Virtualization

    Virtualization can be another growing trend in the coming year as it can improve security along with processing capabilities. The process can be applied mainly on for storage, desktops, applications, and networking

  5. Increased Consumerization

    Companies will look for increased Consumerization of applications by implementing safe and secure third party hardware and applications.

  6. Gamification of Training and Education

    Implementation of training and education in self-diagnostic, interactive, and game-like fashion can be a fast moving hard trend. This can be put to practice by developing software applications using advanced gaming techniques and programming tools.

  7. Social Business

    Now organizations are showing a positive trend towards social collaboration in business activities. Social Software for business can be an emerging trend acceptable by large number of marketers and researchers.

  8. Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Majority of mobile phones sold globally will include internet facility, by which it can be considered as our primary computer. Using mobile phones customers can get closer with organizations, which will help business to get dynamic according to changing business trends.

  9. Tablet Computers

    Tablet Computers with advanced facilities (with enterprise level web apps) are encouraged to convert sales and services to logistics, just-in-time training, etc.

  10. Use of Intelligent Electronic Agents

    Apple’s Siri, Android, Microsoft, etc offers more mobile electronic concierge on your smart devices like your phone, tablet, and television. Increased use of such apps will be welcomed.

  11. Digital Identity Management

    The concept of digital identity management may acquire popularity as both organizations and individuals will be benefitted out of this.

  12. Visual Communications

    Visual Communication techniques like video conferencing enhanced with programs like SKYPE, FaceTime, etc will improve communication.

  13. Enhanced Location Awareness

    Location Awareness will help in improved geo-social marketing and sales

  14. Geo-Spatial Visualization

    Geo-Spatial Visualization can create new insights and competitive advantage for business. This can be achieved by combining geographic information systems (GIS), RFID (radio frequency identification), and other location-aware sensors.

  15. Smart TV Using Apps

    Smart television with advanced apps can be a new trend in market place. This can cause major shift in life style of people across the globe.

  16. Multiple App Stores

    Multiple App Stores for business will be a new evolution. This approach can be incorporated with smart phone, tablet, and television operating systems.

  17. 3D Displays for Smart Phones and Tablets

    3D displays in mobile phones drive wide-scale consumer acceptance of 3D computing. Acceptance of 3D computing had grown rapidly for fashion, architecture, military, medicine and entertainment applications.

  18. e-Books, e-Newspapers, and e-Magazines

    New trends like e-Books, e-Newspapers, and e-Magazines provided a better than paper experience by including cut, copy, paste, print, and multimedia capabilities.

  19. Interactive Multimedia eTextbooks

    Interactive Multimedia eTextbooks helped to create compelling and engaging content.

  20. Wireless Machine-to-Machine applications

    Wireless Machine-to-Machine applications had enhanced faster wireless data networks.

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