Top 5 Big Data Analytics Companies in the USA

USA has a large number of data analytics companies that have been immensely successful in their Big Data approach. These companies can be identified as both large and small companies that have achieved success in their approach due to analysis of data.

Let us have a look at five top Big Data Analytics Companies from 5 different places of USA that have made an impressive mark in the world of data analytics.

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QBurst from Bay Area is one of the major players in the data analytics business. Today enterprises require data processing systems that can perform batch and real-time processing in order to be effective for business.

Though there are several new technologies available in the market, most of the companies and enterprises are not sure about which technology or modern tools to adopt for their business. Even distributed processing systems can prove to be less suitable for real-time analytics because of performance lags.

Under such circumstances, QBurst offers Big Data services that are meant to provide complete solution to business problems through the use of the most effective technology and tools.

Boston Analytics

Boston Analytics is a company from Boston that has been successful in its approach towards Big Data for achieving business objectives. The company’s key strength lies in applying latest analytical solutions to provide solutions for clients’ business problems and issues.

The approach of Boston Analytics comprises of using data driven methodology in every sphere of their business. They use modern analytical techniques to analyze data and then use the information gathered from analysis to meet their business objectives. They mainly focus on areas or fields where they posses in-depth expertise and experience.

Treasure Data

Treasure Data

Treasure Data is a company based in California that is well-known in the world of data analytics business. The company focuses on bringing in major transformation in the manner in which organizations or enterprises handle data in terms of collection, storage and analysis of data.

Treasure Data have developed a unique model of a managed service that they merge with new age technologies developed by them. This service model is then applied to help customers to generate innovate services and products. Due to its innovative thinking and expertise in the field, Treasure Data is highly valued among the data analytics companies of USA.

Scale Unlimited

Scale Unlimited from Chicago is a company that provides consultation and training to client companies that require solution for their Big Data problems. They mainly deal with analysing Big Data of client companies and deriving useful information from the data through the use of customized data processing workflows built by them.

The expertise areas of Scale Unlimited include large-scale data processing, data mining, machine learning and web crawling. They are adept in handling any project from concept to reality and focus on proving maximum benefit for client companies.


NGData is a data analytics company from New York. The company has earned a name for itself as a provider of Customer Experience Management Solutions. They focus on improving the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns of clients.

NGData has developed innovative products that are effective for listening to customer interactions across all channels. The company provides help to build intelligent Customer DNA at a continuous speed. The company provides integrated solutions that are effective for Machine Learning, Big Data Management, Real-time Behavioural Scoring and Segmentation, etc.

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