Top 5 Big Data Analytics Companies in the World

Big Data analytics is in its nascent stage. However, a large number of companies around the world have started to explore this segment seriously.

As such, the competition is on the rise among these early starters. Apart from that, several new entrants are making a foray into this sector daily. This is causing the Big Data market to expand and flourish at a considerable speed.

In this rapidly expanding global sector there are some companies that have already raced ahead and established themselves as the rulers at the top league.

Let us have a look at the top 5 Big Data analytics companies from across the world.

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IBM is definitely one of the global leaders in the Big Data analytics sector. IBM is a powerhouse of Big Data analytic capabilities.

IBM has several assets such as DB2, Informix and InfoSphere database software, SPSS analytics applications and Global Services division that are key players in the analytics world.

IBM has secured a top place in the Big Data analytics world due to its quality products and its ability to create large number of models that are easy to use.


Hewlett-Packard or HP is a well-known name in the Big Data analytics world. The information technology giant has a major presence in the Big Data world due to its Vertica Analytics Platform.

Vertica is known for its ability to handle huge volumes of structured data that grow at a rapid pace. It performs query function very swiftly. It is designed to provide petabyte scalability on commodity enterprise servers.

HP acquired Vertica in 2011 and since then the company has strengthened its position in the Big Data sector.


Oracle is a major player in the Big Data analytics segment. Oracle Big Data SQL is designed to connect all data using SQL.

The ability to connect Hadoop, NoSQL and Oracle’s database into a big data pool has provided much edge to the company in the competitive market of analytics.

Oracle’s Big Data Appliance combines an Intel server with several Oracle software products. With such products on hand, the company is steadily marching ahead in the data analytics race.


SAP handles Big Data from a wide range of sources. SAP deals with data sourced from sensors, machine logs and human generated data among other things.

Sap draws insight from a variety of data sources while remaining connected with enterprise data in real time. This enables SAP to forecast results and performance.

SAP is adopting a plug-and-play approach with pre-assembled elements to reduce complexity on the IT side.

SAP’s Big Data tool, HANA in-memory database has the capacity to run analytics on 80 terabytes of data apart from carrying out other functions like integrating with Hadoop and searching text content. It is one of the key data analytics companies.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has come up with several Big Data platforms that are engaged to perform within the Amazon Web Services offerings.

Amazon’s Big Data platforms include Hadoop-based Elastic MapReduce, the Redshift, etc. The company has enhanced its Amazon Web Services (AWS) portfolio to accommodate Big Data Analytics.

In the fast growing market of Big Data, Amazon Web Services has established itself as a significant player.

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