Top 5 boutique analytics firms of India


Data analytics is the technique of utilizing raw data for quantitative and statistical analysis for drawing insights and conclusions related to business and for the prediction of outcomes that are useful for business. The industry sectors that utilizes analytics to a large extent are financial and banking sector, healthcare, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

  1. Latentview Analytics

    Latentview Analytics was founded by Venkat Viswanathan, Pramad Jandhyala and Ramesh Hariharan in 2006 and offers predictive analytics services that focuses on data modeling and analysis and helps with risk, customer management and marketing decisions. Bidwiser, the company’s platform for keyword bid optimization was launched in 2012.

  2. Mu-Sigma

    Even though the company has its headquarters in Chicago, around 80 percent of the workforce of the company is from India.  The employee base is around 2500 and the client list is growing at an astounding rate, compared to other boutique analytics firms of India, just eight years from its founding. Mu-Sigma, founded by Dhiraj Rajaram, has also to its credit some equity infusions. For instance, it entered a deal with MasterCard which is valued at over $1 billion (approximately Rs. 5,400 crore.).

  3. AbsolutData

    Founded by Suhale Kapoor, Sudeshna Dutta and Anil Kaul, AbsolutData was established in 2001 and currently has a client base of 65 and claims that their revenues will touch $20 million by the end of 2013. Fidelity Growth Partners India made a 20 million dollar investment in the company in 2012.

  4. Fractal Analytics

    Fractal Analytics was a company that had an early start in the industry and has the most reputation. The company, founded by Pranav Agarwal and Srikanth Velamakanni in February 200 currently has 460 employee-count which is expected to reach 700 count by September 2013.

  5. Manthan Systems

    Manthan Systems has been founded by Atul Jalan in 2004 and caters to providing special analytics products intended for retail industry. The products of the company can analyze merchandising, customer behavior, supplier performance, supply chain performance and helps retailers with analysis of various aspects of business.

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