Top 5 reasons for adopting Software as a Service

March 23, 2012: Software as a Service (SaaS) is a fast growing service business that can offer a completely new experience to the organizations that make use of software solution as a part of their operations. SaaS became a reality with the advancement in the communications technology which mainly includes the internet.

The following are the most important benefits associated with Software as a Service (SaaS):

  1. It is ready to deploy

    The SaaS in most cases are developed to meet the requirements of various industries. They are ready to deploy services which are custom made for each industry. In the case of the organization developing it in- house, it will consume too much time when compared to readymade, industry specific SaaS modules. SaaS also offers savings in terms of cost of development, when it is performed in-house.

  2. Easy to pull out of the contract

    The SaaS service providers usually charge a fee on a regular basis, and now ‘pay as you use’ has become a common practice. So if the outsourcing service provider do not perform up to the expectations of the client, it is easy for the client to pull out. There is no huge initial investment as in the case of traditional Business to Business software packages.

  3. No installation required

    Since this SaaS exists in the cloud, the service will be available over the internet and does not require installation onto the computers in the organization. This saves time required for installing such programs into the computer. The important advantage is that it can be accessed by the employee, anywhere, any time.

  4. Access to experts

    Since the SaaS is industry specific and sometimes business specific, most of the SaaS service providers employ experts in the industry they serve. Such an approach helps the clients much more than the traditional software package which has broad applications. Even if the client faces a problem with the software, the service provider will be able to offer prompt solutions with the help of experts.

  5. Real time collaboration

    As the SaaS exists in the internet, it is easy to incorporate collaboration and social networking dimensions to the software packages. This will help the employees to communicate and share updates in real time. The SaaS thus provides a new dimension when compared to the traditional software packages and thus make interaction possible. The exchange of data, information and knowledge is made easy which helps managers to make prompt decisions and solve problems. 

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