Top 7 tech jobs for 2012

January 4, 2012: Forecast made on IT hiring has found that the demand for project managers will be high in 2012. It is also observed that the demand for business analysts is also going to increase in the New Year.

With the explosion of data, ever increasing popularity of mobile computing, cloud computing and social networking, it is predicted that 2012 will be a year of new job titles. Some of the emerging job titles are discussed in the article.

  1. Director of cloud transformation
  2. As the business world shift from client server to systems that exist on the cloud, the companies have started to recruit professionals to oversee the complete strategy.

    The position may be referred by any title such as director, VP or officer in charge, while the job description of all these titles will be the same, i.e. to oversee the shift to cloud.

    The position needs the professional to handle multiple projects. The professional need to make sure that it works and it is sequenced. Since no one is an expert in all the activities, it requires multiple specialists. This calls for the need of an overseeing director. 

    Organizations are looking for professionals who can prove that they can plan, manage, and deliver complex projects that involve projects that have a high level of risk associated with it. They need professionals who have proven track record in IT. Professionals with deep knowledge in various applications associated with organizations are the most sought ones. Negotiating skills are important as they need to negotiate with suppliers and manage them.

  3. Socialite
  4. Organizations, be it small or big are implementing strategies which involves social media. This requires technologists who are really good in this. Some of the companies are planning to recruit people who realize the marketing value of social media and the difficulties associated with it. Organizations now require professionals under the titles chief social media strategist, manager of social media and socialite.

          Organizations are looking for professionals with strong background in business      strategy, Marketing and operations. They want professionals with

    proven experience. Professionals with experience will be able to demonstrate the return on investment in the past marketing projects they have worked with.

  5. Data scientist
  6. With the explosion in data, organizations are finding it difficult to find the data that they need. So they are looking for candidates who can easily understand how to collect, interpret and analyze the huge amount of data in a manner that will be fruitful for the business.

    This job requires the correct proportion of business and technical skills. The professionals should have knowledge about complex algorithms, analytics and marketing. In addition to this they should be aware of ultra high speed computing, data mining and even artificial intelligence. More over data scientist should be aware of where the data is and how to bring it out, the priority, and the location of origin of the data.

  7. Augmented reality specialist
  8. Organizations that develop applications that are meant to enhance how people view the world around them require technologist who can deliver that experience. The demand for such professionals is expected to increase this New Year.

    This job requires technical skills such as experience in HTML5 and Android operating system.  In addition to this the candidates should have expertise in graphics which includes 3D modeling.

  9. Chief Agile Officer
  10. Organizations are in the process of shifting to agile model of development, from its previous linear model. This has created opportunities for professionals who can help with the shift. The primary role of such people will be leading the company through a changing environment.

  11. Flexible resource manager
  12. As the field of IT is in a state of constant change, organizations are looking forward to recruit people who can predict the skills that will be required and the duration over which the skill will be required.

  13. Health Informatics expert
  14. As the healthcare industry become more dependent on IT, it requires technologist who are capable of optimizing the acquisition, storage, retrieval and application of health related data.

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