Top BPM trends in 2013: AVIO Consulting

Top BPM trends in 2013

AVIO Consulting, a major Oracle partner, has revealed the top BPM trends that the industry will follow in 2013. The consulting firm has pointed out five BPM trends in 2013 that will drive forward the change in Business Process Management. These BPM trends are mobile BPM, strategic BPM, iBPM, flexibility and agility and case management.

According to Brandon Dean, vice president of AVIO Consulting, the firm had zeroed in on these top five BPM trends since these are likely to have the maximum influence on the changes happening in BPM industry in 2013. He advised Oracle users to learn more so that they can implement these evolving trends in the latest BPM projects.

BPM Trends in 2013

The top trends expected to have the most influence on BPM activities in 2013, as revealed by AVIO Consulting, are discussed below.

Mobile BPM: Efforts to bring mobile BPM to the forefront will be under way. In the past, lack of any proper mobile industry standards as well as the concerns regarding web-related security had prevented mobile BPM from expanding much. However, these days, the demand for a complete range of mobile features and functionality are on the rise.

Strategic BPM: Strategic BPM is expected to integrate the business goals with the operational models of BPM. The entire methodology with which BPM functions will be refocused towards strategy and organizational goals. This will increment the business value of BPMs to great heights.

iBPM: iBPM is a relatively new concept which is an intelligent product ecosystem for BPM. This ecosystem will allow BPM to adapt better to the changing industry demands and trends by integrating real-time intelligent mobile, analytical and social processes.  With the help of such an ecosystem, businesses will be able to achieve very complex goals.

Flexibility and agility: It is an established fact that BPMs have significantly helped to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Now, BPMs will be focusing on providing flexibility and agility in processes as well and help derive more value out of them.By expanding flexibility and agility of processes, businesses will be able to grow, improve and strengthen customer relationships.

Case management: Case management mainly deals with record and document management, events processing capabilities and operational intelligence and has been increasing in prominence in the BPM solutions of Oracle. Users will be able to favor case management over the not-so-satisfactory Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

It is important that the organizations in the BPM industry are equipped to meet these evolving trends and challenges accompanying them. Education has a major role in helping organizations make a smooth transition during these changes. AVIO Consulting specializes in providing this support to organizations.

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