Top 10 Global BPO Firms by Revenue for 2010

October 12, 2011: In the past few years the BPO industry has grown significantly worldwide. The number of service providers has also increased drastically from past few years. Today there are immense service providers in near shore and offshore outsourcing market.

Here we are trying to list of top 10 largest global BPO players. The list is prepared by thorough research on the basis of revenue generated.


The first and foremost is the International Business Machines. According to the survey and research conducted the highest revenue generated in by IBM, which is calculated to be $ 99.8 billion in the year 2010 out of which $ 12 billion comes from Global business services groups.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is in the second position with $ 6.8 billion in revenue. TCS is one among the biggest BPO Company from India which owns client all across the globe.


Another pure Indian company which has been already established as a global power is in the third position. It is non-other than Infosys. The overall revenue generated in the previous year is $ 5.3 billion which is a 20 % hike from 2009.

Wipro Technologies

It is the Wipro technology that is in the fourth position. Wipro has already being rated as a leader previously by one of the leading research analyst Gartner. The overall revenue for the year 2010 by Wipro is $ 4.5 billion.   


The growth of Cognizant was very fast. It has been emerged as a global player within no time. The company has increased its revenue up to 40 % from the year 2009. By the end of 2009, the company has revenue of around $ 4.4 billion. 

Convergys Corporation

The company with outstanding performance in to relationship management has reported to generate $ 2.2 billion revenue in 2010


The contribution made by Accenture towards management consulting is immense. Most of the business income for the company is from outsourcing. In the year 2010 the profit made by Accenture was $2.5 billion.

NCO Financial

Another company in the top ten lists is the NCO. The company which is into financial and accounting services has huge satisfied customers and clients across the world. The total revenue for the company in 2010 is $ 1.6 billion. The other services of the company are customer relationship management and portfolio management. 


The revenue generated by Genpact in the year 2010 is $1.2 billion. The company which went public in 2007 has today acquired many small and foreign players. The company holds total workforce of around 570,000.

Stream Global Services

Last but not the least is the Stream Global Services which ended up with total revenue of $ 800 million in 2010. The company is basically into customer service and sales.

These companies have already made huge contribution towards the Business Process outsourcing industry and also looking forward to grow drastically in the coming years. 

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