Top trends of software outsourcing in 2012

Growing demand for software outsourcing has led the software outsourcing firms to experiment in all phases of software development. While they try to maintain their quantity, they cater to address the requirement from varied industry verticals as well. The modern software outsourcing firms apart from providing technical expertise try to provide creative and customized solutions for their clients. It is an undisputable fact that software outsourcing market accounts for the major share in the global IT outsourcing market.

A summary of top software outsourcing trends in 2012

  1. It has become easy to evaluate the services of software outsourcing service providers by accessing their experience and revenue. Now the outsourcing buyer can learn about the vendor by requesting testimonial from the previous clients and browse through the resumes of the professionals employed by the vendors in LinkedIn.
  2. Web development teams are granted more freedom to be more creative in their designing process. This has enabled the companies to bring in new ideas to enhance business.
  3. Increasing demand for smart phones will lead the software outsourcing companies to develop mobile applications which includes entertainment apps, multimedia or communication programs and productivity monitors.  It is expected that there will be a revolution in mobile application development in 2012.  According to latest reports, increasing adoption of smart phones and tablets will lead to increasing demand for innovative mobile application. Many outsourcing vendors are already offering mobile application development services to their offshore clients.
  4. According to latest report by Gartner, spending on cloud services is on a rise. It is forecasted that by the end of 2012, cloud services will grow 48.7% to reach $5 billion. This growing demand for cloud services will lead to the entry of new providers in the software outsourcing sector to meet the expectation of the companies intending to implement the technology.

Cloud computing as service offers several benefits for the companies which include convenience, increased flexibility, more storage and accessibility to information irrespective of locations. Leading software outsourcing companies like IBM and Infosys have already started capitalizing on the demand by developing the application and outsourcing to their offshore clients.

  1. The perception on the quality of services offered by software outsourcing companies has improved a lot. Outsourcing companies have moved from providing man-hours services to industry expertise services. This has improved the quality of services and in turn it has resulted in improving the perception of clients on quality of services.
  2. Security has always been one of the major concerns for businesses across the world. The software outsourcing companies are capitalizing on these concerns by developing various security applications for the companies.
  3. Increasing trust over outsourcing service providers by clients is enabling the software vendors to come up with creative ideas and opinions which are welcomed by the clients.

Software outsourcing market is definitely looking up and hopes the outsourcing service providers can turn attention to this significant trend and acquire necessary skills to tap the potential fully.

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  1. Jeremy Wyatt says:

    This growing demand for cloud services will lead to the entry of new providers in the software outsourcing sector to meet the expectation of the companies intending to implement the technology.

  2. For the software application development companies, we’ve highlighted advantages of some important trends in this article..

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