Trends and market leaders in Infrastructure as a Service market

February 23, 2012: Cloud services have revolutionized the way in which organizations operate. It has brought about huge impact on how Information Technology Services are delivered. The most important application of cloud services is the delivery of infrastructure as a service.

Organizations have realized that cloud computing has the ability to transform Information Technology where resources such as time, money and effort can be reduced in the setting up, configuring and running of infrastructure.

In the area of infrastructure, the client needs to pay the service providers as they use the services offered such as storage, hardware, server, and networking equipments. Another advantage with infrastructure as a service is that the client organization can cut cost that may otherwise arise out of maintenance and up gradation.

More and more clients are adopting infrastructure as a service as it helps them to start and run their operation within a short period. It also helps clients to integrate application monitoring and reporting capabilities to support optimal application performance.  The infrastructure as a service offers greater level of flexibility to clients in terms of operating software. The integrated security it offers keeps the operating system kernel safe and in addition to this the public clouds are separated from one another.

There are few service providers in the areas of infrastructure as a service who have an edge over others. Amazon Web Services is one among them. It is one of the major providers in the domain of infrastructure as a service. They have got world renowned companies as their clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Lafarge and Alexa. The heterogeneous nature of the clients they serve explains the penetration of the service model they offer.

RackSpace is another major provider of infrastructure as a service and they claim that they serve more than one lakh clients. GoGrid is another service provider in this domain and the major clients include Orange and Harmonix. 

The number of service providers in the area of infrastructure as a service is increasing across the world. Now there are player such as Dell and Fujitsu offering this service. As a result this has become a highly competitive field.

A recent survey by PwC has observed that more than fifty per cent of the respondents were of the opinion that managed private cloud services will enjoy more demand than infrastructure as a service. Private cloud services are preferred over infrastructure services by most of the large organizations and so they tend to invest more on cloud services.

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