Voxpro invests in hosted CaaS solution to gain more flexibility

Voxpro, a company dedicated to providing contact centre services in upto 10 languages for over 300 clients all over the world, has invested in CaaS (Communication as a Service) hosted solution provided by Interactive Intelligence. The hosted solution is expected to help Voxpro meet new challenges put forth by large-scale operations. The company delivers customer contact solutions to local enterprises as well as multinational companies including leading global blue chip companies.

Interactive Intelligence is an organization which provides contact center automation, business process automation and unified communications software and other services to mid-size and large companies across the world.
Voxpro, multi lingual BPO
With flexibility as the key to this hosted solution, the company hopes to cater to the demands of clients effectively and efficiently. According to Darren Leahy who is operations manager at Voxpro, clients require them to alter the number of people assigned to their accounts in different times. Interactive Intelligence is expected to effectively meet such short notice demands.

The company was established in 1973 and began using the solutions from Interactive Intelligence ever since 2005 when they had strength of 50 agents. Voxpro decided to update Interactive Intelligence solutions that the company was implementing to favor hosted solution in early 2012. This upgrade was intended to attain more adaptability and flexibility in its operations.

How Voxpro shall benefit?

With the help of the new CaaS hosted solution from Interactive Intelligence the company can now subscribe to it on the basis of one user per month.  The solution will enable Voxpro to utilize the rich features of all-in-one CIC (Customer Interaction Center) which results in the provision of an all-in-one solution. The company has 3 purpose-built facilities, all of which will be treated as a single contact centre using CaaS solution.

Voxpro recognizes the distinction that Interactive Intelligence holds in the world, in terms of the CIC. This feature has placed Interactive Intelligence in the top spot in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure. Dan Kiely, the founder and CEO of Voxpro commented on the partnership with Interactive Intelligence that the company liked to associate with the best. He added that Interactive Intelligence helps Voxpro to meet the demands of their clients effectively.

Ger O’ Mahoney, Director of Voxpro emphasized the adaptability that the hosted solution imparts to the company to cater to the changing needs of clients. He said that the company could expand according to the needs which arise and the cost of opening the services of Voxpro in new locations would also be less.

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