What is Social BPM?

The global economic scenario today is marked by slower economic growth, unemployment, Euro Zone Crisis etc., but the projections for BPM sector remain steady. The sector is also now entering a new trajectory called “Social BPM”. Social BPM is an emerging concept that amalgamates pervasiveness and flexibility of social media with BPM.

Social BPM is one in which social tools and techniques are involved to improve business processes. BPM vendors are trying to combine social user interfaces like Tibco, Appian Tempo, IBM Blueworks, SAP’s streamwork, SoftwareAG ArisAlign etc. It is seen that Social BPM is also used as a marketing tool as integrating with a social element imparts a higher marketing scope.
What is social BPM?

Social BPM – the game changer

With the emergence of second greatest phase of internet evolution, web 2.0, many social applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn came into existence and companies are now involving these social applications for employee interactions in order to get the work done easily. Involvement can be as uncomplicated as process documentation or social interactions like Tweets to facilitate completion of work in a better way.

For  example, if there is a particular task that needs a lot of worker input and advice, social platforms can be used to get that job done through worker interactions. It changes the way people interact and carry out tasks. There are also a number of new applications coming up and the trend is gaining momentum.

Social BPM also expels barriers between decision makers of BPM and users and this enables companies to improve their businesses. The idea is not a methodology as such, but a new feature. The social component does not change the way processes are designed or stimulated. Social BPM is seen more as a communication channel as people prefer using various entertainment channels such as online meetings, phone calls, emails etc.

Blogs and other online communities support the transparency factor, which is the prime ingredient for the success of any process-driven organization. Social media are also remarkably effective when it comes to assessing the strength and capabilities of BPM.

Two Facets of Social BPM

Social BPM has two facets that enhance its face value. On the first hand, it uses the social media support to manage processes and second it uses social media as a tool to add improvements to the operational processes and the process delivered. In a nut shell, social BPM is a powerful tool for any process- driven organization utilizing which, the organization will manifest itself in numerous ways in the face of changing environments.

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