Why to outsource your social media campaigns?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks have taken the world by storm and transformed the way business is done. Social media marketing is considered as one of the most cost effective means of marketing communication and corporate have started using this tool aggressively for connecting with their customers. They are increasingly using this tool for enhanced customer engagement. Companies are now adopting the model of outsourcing their social media marketing campaigns and are hiring agencies who can handle this.

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When a firm plans of undertaking a social media marketing campaign they primarily look for 2 options i.e.

  • Hire a person or set up a team who can handle social media marketing campaigns or
  • Hire an agency who can take up social media campaigns on behalf of the company

Both doing it in house and outsourcing social media marketing has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the major advantages of doing it in house is that the company can have better control over the social media marketing activities and the company can keep a check on What is to be done as part of the campaign, How it is to be done and When it is to be done. You need not always have to keep in touch via telephone or email with your clients as it happens when the whole activity is outsourced.

In recent years, it has been observed that more companies nowadays are outsourcing social media marketing since there are many advantages to it. The major advantages of outsourcing social media marketing are:

  • Outsourcing as we all know is cheaper. It is considered cheaper than hiring a full time employee for social media marketing. Though big companies can afford to have full time employees on board handling social media marketing, for small and medium companies it makes better sense to keep their organisation lean and outsource this function.
  • The agencies which handle social media marketing will give out more options to their client which is not possible if full timers are hired. They will be able to customise the campaigns based on the requirements of the client.
  • Outsourcing social media allows the client not to get tied with one person and depend on his skills alone. They can enter into agreements with multiple agencies based on their requirements.
  • Engaging in social media marketing might not be a core activity for a company but it will be a core activity for an agency exclusively involved in this. The agency will be having more competence and expertise in handling social media campaigns which will bring in a lot of benefit to the clients.

It is a fact that irrespective of the methods the company takes to carry out the marketing communication, social media as a powerful tool is here to stay in the years to come. In the time to come, we can see more companies specialising in social media marketing and more firm’s especially small and medium one outsourcing their social media marketing activities to these agencies as they try to look for cutting down their operational cost.

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  1. After call center outsourcing, social media campaigns outsourcing is on the rise.
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