World’s best 10 outsourcing advisors in 2011

The best outsourcing advisors were selected by IAOP based on the parameters such as size and growth, references by the clients, competencies and management capabilities.

The following are the top ten outsourcing advisors during 2011:

  1. Alsbridge Inc.
    The company was founded in 2003 and started its operations in 2005 in the United States. Alsbridge helps organizations in taking decisions related to sourcing and benchmarking. With the help of highly experienced consultants, they offer exceptional service to many industries, thus helping the companies to achieve success with outsourcing.
  2. KPMG
    KPMG is based in Switzerland and offers audit, tax, and advisory services to organizations across the globe. KPMG serves 152 countries and employees about 145,000 individuals in all member firms across the globe. They help their clients to overcome the challenges and offers services to companies in different industries.
  3. TPI
    TPI is a part of Information Services Group is one of the leading sourcing data and advisory firm across the globe. They offer services in the areas of business process improvement, shared services and outsourcing. It is an US based company.
  4. Kirkland and EllisKirkland and Ellis is an US based company with headquarters in Chicago. It has been serving the clients for the past 100 years and offers services in corporate and tax, litigation, Intellectual Property and restructuring.
  5. EquaTerra
    EquaTerra has been acquired by KPMG in February 2011 and the business and subsidiaries of EquaTerra is now a part of KPMG. The firm has its headquarters in Texas and offers sourcing advisory service in the areas of IT, HR and various other business functions.
  6. PwC
    PwC is based in London, United Kingdom. They have presence in about 158 countries with about 169,000 employees, as a result of networking. PwC offers services in the areas of audit and assurance, consulting, legal and tax. PwC is the name under which participating firms of Picewaterhouse Coopers International Limited operate and offer services.
  7. Booz & Company
    Booz & Company is based in the United States and has been serving clients for the past 90 years. They provide services to leading business houses, governments and other organizations. The company offers services to companies across a wide range of industries in areas such as Information Technology, Corporate Finance, Marketing and sales, etc.
  8. Avasant
    Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, the firm provides advisory services in the field of technology, business and economic development challenges. Avasant serves clients in both the private and public sector and serves wide range of industries.
  9. Quint Wellington Redwood
    The company was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1992. They offer advisory services in the field of information technology management and has introduces breakthrough solutions for the companies.
  10. Morrison and Foerster
    The firm is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It is a law firm that offers services in areas such as technology, IP, financial services and litigation. They offer IPO services to technology firms in the US and have offices in China and Japan.

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