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  • May 2002
    • IT Still Hogs Limelight, But ITES Fastest Growing On Job Sites
      Despite the slowdown in information technology, IT still enjoys the numero uno position on online job shops, although in terms of growth rate the IT-enabled services (ITES) job segment witnessed the highest growth over the last year. IT still holds 50 per cent of the total online job advertising space, according to and ITES job postings and response for the jobs in this sector have grown over 10 times, according to and Jobsahead.
    • Global services jobs landing in India
      For once, tech gurus may be guilty of underplaying how much the Internet will change your life.Especially if you live in a moderate- to high-income country, are of modest to moderate intelligence, and work at a service industry job that can be done more cheaply — and possibly better — by some bright eager beaver in Bangalore.Or Madras, Delhi, Bombay — anywhere in India to which globally active banks, insurance companies, airlines or credit card companies shift their most labor-intensive operations.
    • IT pros turn to ITES
      With employment in the information technology (IT) sector having become tougher following 9/11 and the slowdown, IT professionals are looking at job opportunities in the rapidly growing IT enabled services (ITES) sector.Ms Meena (name changed) was till recently a Java programmer, earning a five figure monthly salary with an Indian software company located at Tidel Park, Chennai. Today, she works for a ITES firm undertaking back office work for a financial institution of the US government. “The software company I was working for did not get new projects from the US. Most of us were asked to leave. I tried very hard to get a job in another software firm but couldn’t find one. I joined an ITES company to keep working but had to take a 50 per cent cut in my pay packet. I am still trying for a software job,” she says.
    • NASSCOM says ITES exports to zoom by 65 percent this year
      The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) has projected software exports including IT enabled services to grow by 30 per cent in the financial year 2002-03 (April-March).

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