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Top predictions for Human Resource Outsourcing in 2012

Outsourcing as a function started in the early years as a cost reduction medium. Nowadays more and more services are being outsourced to offshore locations. The services that are outsourced includes, medical billing outsourcing, financial and accounting services, human resource outsourcing etc. HRO or Human Resource Outsourcing earlier was done as a cost reduction step […]

Outsourcing to increase among US based OEMs: D2P Manufacturing trends survey

About 42% of US based OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) plans for more outsourcing projects next year, according to latest survey report by Design-2-Part (D2P).  D2P is America’s largest consultancy provider who brings together OEMs and contract manufacturers. D2P helps the OEMs to find contract manufacturers who wish to outsource part of their manufacturing process. The […]

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