BPO September 2010 News

  • China Could Eventually Overtake India in Outsourcing
    India may well be the current leader of the outsourcing market but China is slowly closing the gap with this nation, according to Ovum.NBC’s Outsourced: Separating Fact from ComedyInside IT Outsourcing The research firm says the competition is heating up and due to this, neither country can rest on its laurels.
  • US Senate bars anti outsourcing bill
    Indian IT industries can can breathe a sigh of relief as United States’ Republican Senates on Sep 28 blocked the anti outsourcing bill, which would have restricted jobs within the boundary of the country.As per the bill, there will be a ban on government contractors from using American taxpayers’ money to move jobs offshore.
  • After the Rebound: How Can Indian BPO Differentiate Itself?
    A strong domestic market and increased pressure on clients to cut costs have helped India’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to rebound from the global downturn. But Indian BPO needs new models and higher-value-added services to stay competitive, according to a recent Wharton India Economic Forum panel.
  • PE exit, low profitability may put BPOs on selling block
    Reports that Genpact Ltd may be up for sale reflect a stark new reality for those business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that are not part of a larger information technology (IT) business.Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd is looking to buy Genpact, The Financial Express reported on Wednesday. The report may or may not be true, but it didn’t come as a surprise to to analysts who say the era of stand-alone back office services firms may be coming to an end.
  • America – the new IT Outsourcing destination?
    The recession has had a major impact on employment in the USA, reducing wages and the number of jobs available to such an extent that companies can now hire call center agents in the USA for the same price as hiring them in India…
  • The outsourcing spectre returns
    The familiar election-time rant of protecting US jobs is back, as that country heads for congressional mid-term elections in November. The most recent series of concerns about jobs came last week, when President Barack Obama announced withdrawing tax breaks that “encourage companies to create jobs and profits in other countries”. Striking a very nationalistic note, Obama declared “a more generous, permanent extension of the tax credit that goes to companies for all the research and innovation they do right here in.
  • Infosys BPO to hire 550, to double investment in Poland
    Infosys BPO said on Friday it would increase the total headcount of its Poland operations to 1,500 in next one year.”The company currently employees 950 people, atleast in next twelve months, we should get to a level of around 1,500,” Infosys BPO managing director and chief executive officer Dandapani Swaminathan told PTI.
  • Ohio outsourcing ban: Weak case for India in WTO
    As India has kept out of the multilateral agreement on public procurement, it may find it tough to contest in the WTO the US state of Ohio’s ban on offshore outsourcing by government departments, experts said.The Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is the only legally binding agreement in the WTO setting fair rules for public purchases.
  • IT firms uncertain about US business
    Despite the robust growth reported by the large information technology (IT) companies over the last few quarters, uncertainty persists about spending by clients over the coming year in the key US market as economic data from the country isn’t positive.India earned nearly two-thirds of its software and backoffice exports of $49.7 billion (Rs.232,000 crore) in fiscal 2010 from the US. This year, the industry expects to grow 15-18% on increased business flow from customers.
  • Ohio offshoring ban worries Infosys
    Infosys, the country’s second largest software company, on Wednesday expressed concern over the Ohio state government’s move to ban IT outsourcing to offshore locations such as India.Infosys CEO and Managing Director Kris Gopalakrishnan said, “We are concerned about the recent news from US about banning offshore outsourcing by Ohio State government departments.
  • Outsourcing: Brazil Blossoms as IT Services Hub
    CapGemini’s announcement last week that it would invest $298 million in Brazilian IT service provider CPM Braxis attracted a lot of attention in outsourcing circles. The move will give the Paris-based company a 55 percent stake in CPM Braxis, the option to buy the company outright within three to five years of the close of the deal, and the chance to leapfrog its global competitors already entrenched in the country.”CapGemini is visionary, getting into the market ahead of its global competitors,” says Atul Vashistha, president of offshore outsourcing consultancy Neo Advisory.
  • Ohio bans outsourcing jobs, Indian ITs to be hit
    After the US visa fees hike, the next come banning of outsourcing jobs in Ohio state that will affect doubly the Indian ITs which are operating in the States also bringing less competition in the markets.Ohio Governor Ted Strickland issued an executive order on Aug 2010, prohibiting “the expenditure of public funds for services provided offshore.”
  • TCS No. 2 among UK’s insurance BPO providers
    Tata Consultancy Services has become the second-largest insurance business process outsourcing provider in the UK, after winning two deals worth 250 million pound (around Rs 1,800 crore).UK-based Capita is the number one player in this space. Diligenta, a subsidiary of TCS, had on Thursday announced that it had acquired Unisys Insurance Services from Unisys Corporation, in lieu of which the company received business worth 250 million pound million for the next six years.
  • Infy BPO to lose contracts from Deutsche Bank
    Deutsche Bank, which has dealt in with Infosys BPO so long, decided to move a part of its back office processes from the IT giant.The bank officials informed that critical processes related to clients’ trade and derivatives will be shifted to Network Services in Whitefield.
  • West Virginia’s IT Workers Fight State Outsourcing
    West Virginia’s IT workers are concerned that the state plans to outsource their jobs and have responded with a protest and a lawsuit.

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