BPO December 2010 News

  • ‘Consolidation wave to move Indian BPO soon’
    With fast changing industry dynamics, the country’s BPO sector is expected to see a consolidation wave in the coming months, says global research group Gartner.”A consolidation wave in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is likely (in the coming months). Since it is challenging to cope with changing dynamics, some existing entities may move to different lines of business,” Arup Roy, senior research analyst at Gartner, said.
  • New hubs, wary customers slow down BPO recovery
    The global economic recovery was expected to benefit the Indian offshoring industry that relies heavily on the Western markets. Though India’s IT sector has shown strong growth numbers, an integral subset of the offshoring industry—the BPO sector—seems to be something of a laggard.
  • US arm-twisting Indian IT cos to pay-up for 9/11
    Coming as a blow to the booming IT sector in India, the United States is hell-bent on spoiling the happiness of many IT majors across the country this Christmas season.The US Congress and Senate passed a legislation stating that all Indian IT companies will have to pay a set amount to the victims of Sept 11 terror attacks. The legislation was passed on Wednesday, Dec 22 to a booming majority.
  • Patni may lose clients over ownership change
    Any owneship change at Patni Computer Systems may result in the country’s sixth-largest software exporter losing many clients to competition, says advisory firm Offshore Insights , after interviewing 22 of Patni’s clients. Patni’s promoters and private equity firm General Atlantic are said to be in advanced talks to sell their 62% stake in the firm.“Our interactions with Patni clients indicate that their primary concern is not about who buys it, but how the new buyer treats the company and what happens to their offshore teams and projects that Patni is working on,” Sudin Apte, principal analyst and CEO, Offshore Insights.
  • KPO business to touch $10 bn by 2012: Assocham
    India’s Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) business could touch $10 billion by 2012, if the sector is opened for biotech and nano experts and steps are taken to build a strong chain of qualified professionals, a Assocham study said today.Currently, the KPO market size is estimated to be around $5.5 billion and the sector is growing by about 15-17 per cent, dominated by professionals belonging to fields such as management, medical and engineering, the chamber said.
  • BPO employee jumps from flyover in Delhi
    A 23-year-old BPO employee jumps from flyover in West Delhi on Thursday, Dec 23. The young woman, parked her vehicle on Moti Nagar flyover and allegedly jumped. The victim, with multiple fracture was rushed to the hospital.The Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital doctors declared that she brought death.
  • BPO lags behind IT sector
    The global economic recovery was expected to benefit the Indian offshoring industry that relies heavily on Western markets. Though India’s IT sector has shown strong growth numbers, an integral subset of the offshoring industry, the BPO sector, seems to be something of a laggard.Figures suggest that the industry will grow by 10-12% to around $14.7 billion this fiscal as compared to the 30% plus levels the industry witnessed prior to the slowdown. Top tier IT companies are growing at an average of 20-25% this year.
  • Promising start, but a cautious outlook for IT-BPO industry
    ‘Don’t waste a crisis’ is a popular paraphrase and the industry performance in 2010 demonstrates how the IT-BPO industry was able to use the crisis as an opportunity. Growth, Transformation, Diversification, Hiring… these were the headlines of 2010.In many ways, I believe that 2010 was the inflection point for the industry – the maturity of the domestic market, product ecosystem of start-ups, growth in core markets and a recognition that global sourcing is not only about cost savings, but fundamentally transforming customer business. These are trends that will reshape the industry in the decade ahead.
  • South African incentives could hurt India’s BPO industry
    South Africa’s recent announcement of incentives to attract business process outsourcing (BPO) firms could challenge India’s dominance of the sector in the long run, say executives and experts.The development comes close on the heels of an International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) report that said the Philippines has overtaken India in terms of the number of people employed by the voice-based BPO segment.
  • Daksh gets a new name: IBM Global Process Services
    Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm IBM Daksh is being renamed as IBM Global Process Services India as part of a global rebranding exercise at International Business Machines Corp. that will bring all BPO units of the technology firm under one umbrella.“The rebranding will significantly add to multi-location delivery strategy of IBM, making it more efficient and smoother,” said John Lutz, who heads the BPO division as general manager of IBM Global Process Services.
  • CBI site hacking: A threat for outsourcing?
    Once, our national leaders cried for the ‘brain drain’ happened to India. Even now, US President Barack Obama urging Americans to compete with India ‘brainees’. But the hacking of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s website exposed the ‘real’ credibility of Indian IT power.On Friday, Dec 3 night, Pakistani cyber attackers hacked CBI website, http://cbi.nic.in, and left a note saying “Pakistan Zindabad”. Hackers claimed that the attack was in response to a cyber attack by Indians on Pakistan websites.

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