BPO December 2011 News

December 2011

  • Searching for an outsourcing provider? Download the mobile app GlobalSourcer
    A new mobile application named ‘GlobalSourcer’ has been launched which provides information on the outsourcing vendors in the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing sectors to the masses. The new application is iPhone and iPad compatible.
  • Infosys acquires Australian Sourcing and Procurement firm, Portland Group
    Infosys BPO Ltd, the BPO arm of Infosys Ltd, has announced the acquisition of Portland Group Ltd, a strategic sourcing and category management services vendor headquartered in Australia. The acquisition will involve buying out all the outstanding share capital in the company. It is expected that the process of acquisition will be over by January 2012, which is subject to fulfillment of certain closing conditions.
  • RuralShores to start 100 rural BPO units in India
    RuralShores Business Process Outsourcing plans to start 100 rural BPO delivery centers which will add 10,000 seats to its capacity in the next three years. It is said that the new centers will be started in the Northeastern part of the country.
  • Anti outsourcing bill in US targeting offshore call centers
    In an attempt to prevent the jobs being outsourced to offshore locations, the legislatures in US have put forward a bipartisan bill in the parliament that would penalize American firms for moving their call centers to offshore locations, by declaring such companies ineligible for grants or guaranteed loans from the government.
  • DST Insurance launches new Payout solution
    DST Systems Inc, a leading supplier of high end information processing solutions and services has announced the launch of the Payout solution, InPayce. The firm offers services to firms in insurance, brokerage, healthcare and related segments.
  • Innovation Group wins 4 XCelent Awards for Insurance BPO solution
    Innovation Group announced that their Insurer Policy solution has been recognized with four XCelent awards. The company is into offering BPO services to different categories such as the insurance, fleet management and other sectors.
  • Kofax acquires BPM vendor Singularity
    Kofax Plc has established itself as brand name in the capture centric business process management solutions. The organization has gained enough respect for its preciseness, time management as well as cost effectiveness. Their solutions provide their customers in banking, insurance, government and other sectors with a rapid return on investment. The company has a worldwide presence across 70 countries with a total of 800 authorized partners.
  • Accenture and BNP Paribas sign 8 year BPO deal
    Accenture and BNP Paribas have entered into an 8 year business process outsourcing agreement for managing BNP’s life insurance policies in France. Under the agreement, Accenture will manage functions including administration of the call centers and ancillary business operations of BNP Paribas Credit Group. This will help BNP to focus on their core business activities.
  • Cognizant wins clinical data outsourcing deal with UK Major
    AstraZeneca, the UK based pharmaceutical major has entered into a contract with Cognizant to provide statistical analysis of the clinical trial data. Back in 2004 AstraZeneca had outsourced IT and business processes to cognizant. Later in 2008 the contract was extended to include application maintenance and centralized data management services.

BPO, Outsourcing News From Other Sites

  • US Bill on outsourcing cause of concern: India
    India today expressed concern over the proposed US Call Centre Bill but said that it is premature to assess the impact of the decision on the domestic IT industry.
  • BPO industry unfazed by new US Call Centre Bill
    The Indian offshore industry on Tuesday termed as “protectionist” a new US Bill that attempts to make American companies moving call centre jobs overseas, ineligible for Federal loans or grants for five years.
  • Stocks of offshore IT firms lose sheen on US bourses in 2011
    The Euro zone debt crisis and global macro uncertainties seem to have weighed down on offshore IT services companies’ performance on the US bourses this year. American Depository Receipts of these companies took a beating, with Infosys and Wipro sliding as much as 32 per cent and 35 per cent respectively, on Nasdaq and NYSE during the course of the year.

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