Accenture acquires Zenta; strengthens credit servicing portfolio

August 23, 2011: Accenture-Global management consultant with more than two lakhs employees unveiled the latest expansion initiative through the acquisition of Zenta. The company yesterday announced the acquisition which will leverage their credit processing service portfolio. 

Zenta is a world-class business solution provider for Residential Mortgage and commercial real estate service providers. Zenta delivers flexible and cost effective services with high quality. The company already has a huge workforce of more than 3,700 which includes experts and professionals with immense experience to deliver quality service for clients in the mortgage and real estate segment. Zenta has its operations in U.S, India and Philippines.

According to the top executives of the company the launch of Accenture Credit Services in collaboration with Zenta will help them increase their business in the sector. The sources also added that the step has been taken by understanding the untapped opportunity of quality service provided in the residential mortgage and commercial real estate.

Currently this segment is facing with problems such as low customer satisfaction, resigning fulfillment cost, slower refinancing and purchase activities. Other challenges such as regulatory changes and operational transformation are also creating troubles. Authorities and top managers of Accenture believe that the acquisition can help them to deliver quality services for the clients to meet such challenges as Zenta can produce full-fledged solutions with the power of tremendously skilled resources and experts.

With this initiative taken by the company, now Accenture can deliver broader range of services in Residential Mortgage and commercial real estate to their clients across the globe. Now, Accenture Credit Service can offer wide range of services like process engineering, systems integration & management and BPO services for the clients in this particular sector.

There is no detailed disclosure on the terms and conditions of the agreement between Accenture and Zenta. It can be predicted that there is a huge risk factor included in the acquisition, because any delay or defect by the experts in Zenta will have a negative impact on the service provided by Accenture as a whole.   

Accenture has already a good image in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector as the service delivered by the company is widely accepted. Now the company is on it path of extending their services and strengthening credit processing portfolio with the acquisition of Zenta.

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