Nurses in BPO sector! – Accenture to hire Nurses in Philippines for care management

August 19, 2011 – The global outsourcing company Accenture announced hiring of nurses in Philippines for delivering services in care management business. As per the authority’s declaration, the company is focusing on improving their business in care management and requires high skilled nurses with enough knowledge in the medical field.

Accenture, which has clients in about 120 countries across the globe, is looking forward to enhance the care management business. The care management business basically deals with health insurance.  It is a very wide business with three core areas which have to be improved, the top executives said. The core areas are utilization management, case and disease management, and health outreach to clients and patients.

According to sources the company is planning to recruit nurses who have completed B.Sc degree in nursing and has good knowledge in the medical field for enhancing the care management business. Nurses without experience are also welcomed. The company also announced that the nurses who have cleared the US licensure exam can also apply for different post in the Accenture.

The role of the nurses is to provide initial screening of the medical history of a patient and deciding whether the patient is eligible for various medical services offered by the company. Moreover the nurses should provide care for the patients suffering from various diseases and support them with various information required to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The company is offering profiles like voice and non voice support for the clients and also assures handsome payment for the role played by the Filipino nurses in care management business.

Accenture focuses on expanding care management business to countries like India where cheap labor is available. It is noticed that India has a well educated resources in the medical field still to be exploited. Accenture has already started initial work on expanding the care management business in India. It is noticeable that the company has already made a mark in providing technological services and outsourcing business in India. 

The announcement made by Accenture on the recruitment of nurses in Philippines for care management services is a good sign for numerous medical students around the globe. The focus of the company to enhance care management for patients to provide better service in the insurance sector is a very innovative strategy, according to experts.

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