ADP launches cloud based system for human capital management

October 5, 2011 – ADP one of the most reputed companies which is into human resource outsourcing services has made announcement on unified could-based system to enhance the management of human capital. The announcement on the new system was made by the company authorities yesterday on 3rd October. The system named ADP Vantage HCM(SM) is expected to bring in good returns for the company as it has many advantages. Company authorities also added that the latest introduction made by ADP is considered to be a lifecycle solution for large organizations.

According to the eminent personalities from the company present on the 14th Annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, research and development team of the company has exclusively worked for 18 months continuously to develop this high end system which is considered to be an integrated platform for enhancing HR administration. The system can address all works related to payroll management and talent management. Moreover time and attendance management is also possible.

With this release the company also foresees healthy and long run relationship with the clients and more contract to be signed in the near future. The clients are ensured with more simplified and easier Human Resource functions in the organization with a cheaper cost and quicker time for completion. Client can now avail all the facilities from one source, so dependents on multiple sources will be minimize which will leverage the smooth functioning of the organization. ADP also ensures automated Human Resource management has many advantages for the organizations. For instance, it will reduce the cost incurred on outsourcing, increase the employee satisfaction and retention and also help in improving HR efficiency in achieving strategic goals. By implementing this system, companies can also ensure there are no technological hurdles being faced by the employees and improve there efficiency to meet requirement and also mitigate risk.     

Managing Human Resource is a fundamental as far as any company is concern. Today there are immense global companies which depend on different service providers in the near shore and offshore to manage the workforce and carry out different functions related to HR. Implementation of such automated system will generate more relaxed employees in the organization and also develop the harmony. ADP is looking forward to tap the immense opportunities and present demand of automated Human Resource management system among global companies and also anticipating bigger business deals in the near future. As far as ADP is concern ADP Vantage HCM(SM) is an asset developed by the R&D department of the company which will improve the long run relationship with its clients.  

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