Capgemini relies on social media outsourcing

Rise of Social Media

Today with the rise of Social Networks spanning across continents, the world has become ever more connected than before. The World’s number one Social Network Facebook has around 600 Million users now which is almost 30-35 % of the total world population and it is estimated that the number will only go up in the coming years. The online social media has now become the best platform for business promotion and awareness spreading campaigns as it opens up the largest possible audience in the world.

Business prospects of Social Media

Manufacturing firms and other companies have begun to explore the tremendous business prospects of the Social world. Today the best place to release and review a product is the Social web world. The first place where a person looks before buying any product is the internet and as such it is the best place to create a good first impression as far as developers and manufacturers are concerned. But companies have been facing difficulties in analyzing online market trends and implementing changes based on it. They were also facing trouble combing data from various online sources and providing response to user queries and grievances.

Focus of Capgemini

Seeing this as a potential business strategy Capgemini, an IT and ITES major has announced an Outsourcing package that will benefit companies benefit from ventures in the online community. The company will provide analysis and support of web based marketing strategies. It goes like this. Suppose your company is ABC Inc. you have entered into a Social Outsourcing contract with Capgemini. Then Capgemini will analyze all content related to ABC Inc and its products in the internet and provide statistical feedbacks to ABC Inc which will be instrumental in the company’s future online ventures and also upgrades to the existing ones.

Capgemini will garner information from the net that includes any mention about ABC Inc. products or the company as a whole, response by people to its products mentioned in comments in forums and blogs and also monitor online profiles of the company in various Social Networking sites like Facebook.

Capgemini has 3 schemes of contracts. One is the basic scheme by which Capgemini will offer basic monitoring of social media and sending reports of user feedbacks and brand mentions to the client.

Social Media Outsourcing schemes of Capgemini

The second scheme will provide a bigger service that includes all of the basic scheme plus analysis and improvement suggestions and also provide new ideas for future.

The third scheme offers full support for online marketing of the company’s activities like promotion campaigns, response to customer queries, periodic statistical business analysis and much more.

The company has decided to offer outsourcing services based on locations. As the internet involves a multi lingual community it will be best to entrust analysis of regional activities with personal from the same region.

Final verdict

In all the Social outsourcing management offered by Capgemini will benefit both the company and the online users as it will provide a better experience to the customers and reducing the workload for companies.

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