Foreign firms to run first call centers in Uganda

September 27, 2011: Three years incubation centers permitted for Indian and Kenya firms in Uganda.

National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) raised white flag for three incubation call centers in Uganda earlier this week. It is the Indian and Kenyan firms Dhanush, Raps-Spanco and TechnoBrain respectively which has been given the privilege to run pilot call centers in the nation for the period of three years by the authorities.

The authorities also detailed that the selection was made on behalf of the bidding held in the month of July. Out the many companies applied, these three could win the bid and also fulfills other legal requirements, the authorities added.

Government in Uganda has warmly welcomed the outsourcing service providers to be run in the country and has also decided to provide assistance to the firms. The government authorities will provide the call centers with subsidies and free land and building assistance for their office. There is also declaration that government will be providing internet bandwidth facilities.

National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) also made it clear that at present there is huge shortage of infrastructural facilities and skilled work force in the nation. But along with the help of Government authorities in Uganda, NITA-U says it is expected to overcome the current constraints. NITA-U is also planning to train more professional and young graduates to become more efficient in delivering high quality services to the clients. As far as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs or call center jobs are concerned the fundamental skill needed is the proficiency in the language English.

The Indian and Kenyan firms are expected to provide employment form more than 500 experienced as well as inexperienced people in financial year. This will not only bring a relief to the unemployment issues in the nation but also can change the face of Uganda in the global competitive world. The nation has decided to tap each and every opportunities available in the Business Process outsourcing (BPO) sector to enhance the standard of living of the people.

The industry also foresees that for a long run competitive survival it should have to mature and develop more. The current strategy to host call centers run by India will help Uganda to explore more about the BPO industry and business scope in the industry.

The nations expects that collaboration between ICT and the government will bring drastic changes to the present scenario and the contribution by Indian firms, which has top class experience in call center and BPO related business will be added benefits.

Law for data protection has been introduced in the Philippine on Wednesday known as Data Privacy Act, 2011.


It was in the senate session held yesterday; the Senator Edgardo J Angara introduced the details on the latest act for protecting data to restrict data and information fraudulences. The measure is taken by special recommendation of the ICT to enhance the smooth functioning of the Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the nation. The session was also addressed by eminent personalities from the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP). Delegates from the Foreign Chamber of Commerce were also present on the day.


On his speech Angara said, in the current scenario the BPO and IT sector is facing issues such as identity theft, data manipulation, information fraudulence and etc as we have to reveal the personal information to a third party vendor and there are loop holes and pith holes for corrupted people to access our personal information and details. It is time for us to say enough! We can’t continue this corruption to be followed any more.


According to him, out of 22 countries that has to go through severe situations caused by data violate in the previous year, the nation is one among. Today hacking and malware is a trend, but it cannot be promoted, right rules and regulations are essential to suppress these mishaps, he added.  


The introduced law is to ensure that data manipulation is taken care of, particularly in both private and public sector. The Data privacy act along with Cybercrime Prevention act will make sure that unauthorized access to data is regulated, individuals revealing their data for services are not harmed, and also putting limits to the liberty of data collections from buyers by the service providers. Limits to data collection means any service provider or vendor can only collect information about the client and customer which is required for the transaction process. There are many vendors who collect information in addition to what they require.  


He also said that the implementation of new rules and regulations will enhance the outsourcing business. Service buyers will be more confident enough to get into a contract with any service provider in the Asia-Pacific offshore region. There are many service buyers who are looking forward to outsource healthcare information management related jobs to the offshore which has direct access to the key information and details of any customer. Implementation of the Data privacy act will make such clients to be more confident to disclose the personal details. 

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