Hinduja Global Solutions unveiling new identity

Hinduja Global Solutions is one of the leading companies in the BPO sector, incorporated in 1993. The growth of the company was very fast and today the employee strength of the company is 19,500 which were only 25 way back in 1993. Hinduja Global Solutions has made good relationship with their clients spread out in United States, United kingdom, Canada and other countries.

The company provides service in the insurance, telecommunication and pharmaceutical sectors along with many other sectors. Hinduja Global Solutions is a public limited company. The company is listed in NSE (national stock exchange) as well as BSE (Bombay stock exchange). High experience in this field and effective strategies has made Hinduja Global Solutions one among the global leaders. Hinduja Global Solutions has some core values to make them in the list of leaders such as customer focus, assured quality and integrity.

Hinduja Global Solutions, one of the leading billion dollar firm is in the news with the declaration of the company’s new identity. The company has decided to release new logo very soon. This decision is in line with their stated objective of giving each and every business unit of the company all around the world, a unique and fresh look. The press meet was addressed by Dr. Partha De Sarkar, Global CEO of the company. According to him 65 % of the business of Hinduja Global Solutions is done by other entities in the international market. The company believes that it is now time to incorporate every business under a new brand name. This will help the company to gain a global recognition. Hinduja Global Solutions can thus manage the operations all over the world under one under one name so that the clients may feel comfortable.

According to the news the new name of the company is “HGS”. Before deciding on this the company has encouraged suggestions from the employees and other top level members.

Hinduja Global Solutions believes that the fresh look will increase the morality of the employees spread all over the world and it could also help in enhancing the relationship with their clients. The press meet was organized in Mumbai on July 26th. Eminent personalities and top level employees were present on this occasion. The company will be listed in the new brand name with Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange.

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