Philippines ministry launches free BPO training

Philippines, October 14, 2011: Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo declared yesterday that DoST will be launching free training modules for BPO industry. It is through the Information and Communication technology Office the free training are scheduled to be provided by DoST for the employees.

It was in the International Outsourcing Summit held on 13th October; declaration on the free training was made by the authorities. According to the Department of Science and Technology in the initial stages the training will be provided online or through CD-based training tools. The basic purpose is to enhance the BPO employees and make them more equipped to perform well in the industry. Domingo added that there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of work force in the industry today. The Philippines BPO industry has huge potential to grow but the biggest constrain is inadequate supply of talented workforce across the country. The training program will not only enhance the present workforce but also help the industry to meet the demand of skilled and talented workforce.  In his speech, he also said that at present there is a requirement of around 80,000 and 100,000 employees every year. 

The training modules developed by the Department of Science and Technology have two components. As the employees get more involved into the training programs the department can easily analyze and spot out the areas in which the employees require more training with the help of assessment tools. 

The occasion was also addressed by senior executive director Gillian Joyce Virate; Business Process Association of Philippines. According to the executive director the rate of recruitment in the Outsourcing Industry is very low due to the present constrains, and the industry is very particular about resolving the present issue also. For the purpose Business Process Association has come up with some steps out of which training near hires is the initial one. Apart from this, there are also plans to initiate training programs for trainers as well. Gillian Joyce Virate also stated that setting standards for BPO competencies and put into practice some campaigns to uplift the career in BPO is required. Moreover it will also be better if more service management programmes and degree are initiated by universities in the nation.    

More surprisingly a recent survey conducted by the Business Process Association of Philippines could learn that the industry will be delivering revenue of around $ 20 billion by the end of 2016 which might end up in a requirement of around 900,000 individuals. The industry is in rapid growth and it is very essential for the sector to overcome major constrains of inadequate workforce.         

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