Sitel recognized for social media platform

October 18, 2011 – Frost and Sullivan awarded Sitel with the prestigious 2011 North American Frost and Sullivan award for competitive strategy innovation.

Sitel is a global leader in outsourced solutions. It has over 26 years of outsourcing business experience. It has been ranked two times as the top call center outsourcing provider. The ranking has come from Data monitor’s annual outsourcing survey. Sitel employs around 52,000 employees. These employees provide clients services to the best of their satisfaction. They have built customer loyalty, increased sales and improved efficiency in the various processes in which Sitel works. Sitel has a global reach spanning around 135+ offshore, nearshore and domestic centers in 26 countries. These are located in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.

To start with we focus on Frost and Sullivan which provides best business practices for businesses to survive. This time it focused on the outsourcing industry and gave Sitel the coveted North American award 2011 for competitive strategy innovation. This special award was given to the company for many reasons. The first reason is that Sitel has been able to give its customers an easy way to communicate and measure how business operations are managed. This is known as Cloud Monitor.

Secondly Sitel has been able to assist over 350 customers through social channels. Apart from this Sitel has also created a social media platform, for creating agent-to-customer engagement.

According to Frost and Sullivan’s principal analyst Michael Desalles Sitel’s Intelligent Web Engagement strategy is quite outstanding as it helps its clients to make the most out of the social media Web Engagement.

Sitel’s Cloud Monitor provides a way in which contact center agents can make out solutions out of unstructured business communications. Desalle’s adds that the agents can follow any number of paths to actively engage with customers. Because of this contact center agents are able to find meaning out of these social conversations and convert them for generating business benefits.

We also see that Sitel has been able to make the most out of the social media industry. By making a personalized solution, Sitel has been able to respond to customer questions by the way of web, Phone, Chat and social media. Sitel’s Cloud Monitor is powered by Rightnow, which is an all-in -one service which provides detailed customer information in an entire company so that clients can make use of social media from one channel to the other. Apart from this, Sitel’s Intelligent Web Engagement Solution can be accessed from facebook or a Mobile. As a result of this, end users are able to find answers for their business needs in a much more comprehensive and interactive manner.

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