BPO June 2012 News

  • Aegis launches Business Intelligence Suite, Aegis Pi
    Aegis Global, the leader in customer centre services with experience over 3 decades launched their Business intelligence Software suite, Aegis Pi. It will provide real time business solutions for its clients helping them in effective and quick decision making. This is their first foray into technology and software space since it acquired Avaya Global Connect in 2010.
  • Obama slams Romney over outsourcing; Jindal criticises Prez
    US President Barack Obama took a dig at Republican Mitt Romney, his likely Republican rival, on Friday accusing the latter of leading an effort to ship American jobs to countries like India and China. He cited media reports saying Bain Capital, the financial company owned by the former Massachussets Governor, was investing in firms to outsource jobs to Asian shores.

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January 7, 2012: The US president, Barack Obama urged firms to keep jobs at home. As per the government sources, the president will be calling for a discussion with business leaders in the country to encourage insourcing of jobs. A forum will be held at White House where most of the business leaders who are […]

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