6 think tanks of Indian BPO industry announced

Swami Swaminathan, CEO Infosys BPONovember 30, 2011: Swami Swaminathan, CEO Infosys BPO and Milind Godbole, Asia Pacific President Aditya Birla Minacs are among the six eminent personalities who made it to the Indian BPO industry’s maiden ‘India 6 (I6)’ think tank.

I6 is promoted as the Indian counter part of the admired ‘G6’ think tanks organized by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON), a community that contains shared services and outsourcing professionals from across the globe, with 40,000 members.

The other who made it to the I6 includes

  • Manish Dugar, Senior Vice president and Global head, Wipro BPO
  • Sakuntala Rao, Director, IBM
  • Arnab Chakraborty, Director, HP (Global Analytics);
  • Simran V, Vice president and head of Global Business Services, HP.

Milind Godbole, Asia Pacific President Aditya Birla MinacsEmma Beaumont, global director at SSON says that introducing a region specific version of Global Sourcing Think tank to specifically handle the local differences of the BPO related activity in the Indian market was a very natural step. She stressed that it is a clear signal that many of the Indian organizations have started to reassess their approach to traditional shared services modeling.

She added that they expect that there will be some tough question directed to those thought leaders who are now in the spot light as a result of the voting and it will be their responsibility to answer them.

Addressing on his selection into the I6 think tank, Godbole said that he is looking forward to working together with other members in the panel to make the inaugural panel into a thought leading think tank for the industry.

He says that a like I6 provides a great opportunity for the thought leaders in the outsourcing industry to make use of their collective experience and expertise to generate long term vision and strategy to aid the industry growth.

He added that companies are on the search for offering next generation services and strategies to make sure that business growth is made sustainable in the turbulent times that makes up the New Normal curve.

The huge popularity of G6 sessions has resulted in the introduction of I6 as a localized version of G6, where I6 will handle both global and Indian challenges and advances of the Indian market.

Selection to the I6 panel is based on the votes cast by the regional practitioners. The members in the panel cannot be sponsored and companies cannot purchase seats for employees, but can be nominated by the public by means of voting. It has a democratic set up and election plays an important role.

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