Accenture broadens mortgage BPO offerings; completes acquisition of Zenta

November 04, 2011: Accenture announced the completion of acquisition of Zenta, a leading vendor of mortgage processing services for residential and commercial lines in the United States. With this acquisition the employees of Zenta, which amounts to 3700 is now a part of Accenture. Zenta has offices across United States, India and Philippines.

Accenture had announced its intention to acquire Zenta back in August, 2011. Accenture, with the completion of the acquisition will be able to serve a broad spectrum clients ranging from lenders, mortgage service providers to improve their operations. In addition to this it will help clients to increase customer satisfaction, and thus increase their revenue. The acquisition will also broaden Accenture’s Business Process Outsourcing portfolio.

Terry Moore is the global managing director of the new unit. He was the managing director of Accenture’s North America banking practice. He said the acquisition of Zenta will help Accenture to provide end to end solutions to clients which will enable them to meet the challenges in the market. According to him clients are demanding in terms of consistency and quality of service which will serve the need for refinancing among home owners. The acquisition will help Accenture to offer services that will enable the clients to scale up their operations, accomplish target cycle times and lower the cost. More over they can create a sustainable and efficient operating model for long term.

Accenture which serves more than 100 leading lending companies worldwide is a provider of mortgage processing services. The main objective of Accenture Credit Services is to make improvements which will enhance customer experience, quality of service, and in turn increase the profitability of the firm.

Before announcing the acquisition plans of Zenta, it was rumored that Accenture was in discussions with ISGN to form a strategic alliance or to acquire them. But Moore declined to comment on any relation with the rumor about the acquisition of Zenta.   

Accenture is into management consulting, technology services and outsourcing services. They have established their foot prints in more than 120 countries across the globe, with about 236,000 employees. Their vast experience in different industries combined with their capabilities help them in collaborating with clients to make them high performers and streamlining their operation. The revenue for the quarter ended Aug, 31 2011 was to the tune of USD 25.5 billion.

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