Aegis launches Business Intelligence Suite, Aegis Pi

June 1, 2012: Aegis Global, the leader in customer centre services with experience over 3 decades launched their Business intelligence Software suite, Aegis Pi. It will provide real time business solutions for its clients helping them in effective and quick decision making. This is their first foray into technology and software space since it acquired Avaya Global Connect in 2010.

Aegis Pi Delivery Model

Aegis Pi Delivery Model

Aegis, an Essar Group company founded 30 years ago is into the business of customer centre services and technology. The group offers business solution across industry verticals such as BFSI, telecom, healthcare, travel and hospitality, consumer goods, retails and technology. Aegis offers a whole suite of services including consulting, outsourcing, training and education to their clients.

Aegis Pi is the first offering from the Aegis Innovation Lab. Aegis Pi enables the organizations to predict the business challenges in advance and help in taking appropriate measures pro-actively to minimize the impact. The software provides organization with real time information on a single window.

Business Intelligence tools are software that helps in retrieving, analyzing and reporting data. The software applications are widely used in the business firms in order to improve the operational efficiency and decision making. The utilization of the software helps the organization to attain optimal growth by analyzing the past data. Aegis pi is such a tool which helps the top management to retrieve past data to help them in efficient decision making process.

Aegis Pi offers business organizations real time updates from different aspect of the business in interactive dashboards. The tool will help in correlating with various events from the past and portraying a path to help management in decision making. This feature will enable the firms to reconstruct an existing process or innovate new processes based on the information provided by analyzing various data.

As per the company sources, the suite will be available as a customization solution and not as a product.

Key features of Aegis Pi as per their press release are:

    1. Intelligence Command centersThe center produces real time information by retrieving data from various sources. The system also interprets the data thus retrieved. The interpretations help the management to make appropriate decision.
    2. Business Activity MonitoringThe service provides real time status of the business activities. This provide summary of the business activities which help the management to forecast challenges if any and take appropriate decision pro-actively.
    3. Business OptimizationThe analysis and interpretations of the data portrays Aegis Pi as decision support system. Decisions on unnoticed areas help the firm to enhance the performance and thus strive for optimal growth.

Aegis with its expertise in various industry verticals is on the road to provide new management experience for their clients with this tool Aegis Pi.

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