Aegis looks towards Asia and the Americas to boost the Aegis BPO profile

The BPO wing of the Essar group, Aegis has plans to set up shop in Asia and the Americas. The realistic commitments and innovative solutions provided by this company are set to enter a new dimension as it prepares to plan for a new base of operations.

The plans involve the acquisition of a mid-sized company in the regions of Americas or Asia so that its presence can be beeped up in these areas, and service delivery to a wider audience is made easier. Setting up base in any of these regions will prove to be a crucial factor in the further advancement of the Aegis BPO profile.
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Up until now, this BPO company has made a total of 18 acquisitions. It is now eyeing potential purchases. The main hunting grounds that are being targeted are Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil, Malaysia, or another strategic location, such as Jamaica, that may bring them closer to the client market in USA.

Aegis has carried out successful integrations with regard to the acquisitions it made during the period 2005—2010. They are now on the lookout for middle sized companies that can offer them the operation skills and infrastructure required for their outsourcing activities.

Opening new avenues for growth

Aegis constitutes a well experienced and resourceful crew of visionaries in the business, social, technological and strategic fronts. These leaders have transformed enterprising designs into a reality. However, a stumbling block would be the huge debt of Essar, its parent company.

Essar reportedly has an overall debt of about $14 billion across various organizations. In spite of this, Aegis believes that it could pull off the acquisitions since the parent company is highly unlikely to integrate the outsourcing operations into its primary business area. Furthermore, the company has strong backing from Essar, which is trying to increase the former’s profits and probably put the Aegis BPO profile on the market.

At present, Aegis has its presence in Argentina, the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Costa Rica, Peru, Asia Pacific and Africa. The largest number of its contact centers is based in the Asia Pacific. Aegis hopes to tap on to the reluctance of some business clients to outsource operations too far away from their base.

Setting up BPO locations in the Americas or Asia will enable more business projects, in particular, from those clientele who want to have access to a center that is near shore. In addition, the geographical model adopted by the Aegis BPO profile has worked well in its favor by generating a constant flow of outsourcing projects.

In the Nasscom grouping, Aegis stood at 11 in the list of the top 15 companies in the IT-BPO sector, and it was reported to be the third largest BPO company for the period 2011—2012. Its prospects are set to rise with the new acquisition proposals in place. With the acquisition becoming a reality, new doors will be opened, ushering in a new age for this company and particularly the overall Aegis BPO profile.

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