Ajuba to set up healthcare BPO unit in India

November 19, 2011: According to Tony Mira, chief executive officer, Ajuba Solutions is planning to set up an office in Hyderabad. It is expected that the office will start to function with in 12 to 18 months. The company operates in the health care BPO domain. Ajuba Solutions is an Indian subsidiary of MirMed Global Services Group which is headquartered in the United States. MirMed is worth US dollar 100 million.

Ajuba Solutions offer revenue cycle outsourcing services including billing and receivable management to over 10,000 clients. It also serves 700 hospitals and billing receivable management organizations in the United States. Clients of Ajuba include physician practice groups. The company now has a Business Process Outsourcing facility in Tidel Park, Chennai. The Chennai center has around 2,700 operational seats in three shifts.

Mr. Tony says that Chennai center is running at full capacity and now they have increased demand for services. The increased demand is due to the expanding client base in the United States. So as a part of their expansion program to meet the increasing demand, they have decided to start a new facility in Hyderabad. He added that they are in the way of signing a contract for leasing out office space. It will add a 40,000 square feet facility to Ajuba Solutions, which is expected to be up and running in 12 months.

Ajuba Solutions plan to invest Rs 25.5 crore (USD5 million) in the Hyderabad center. The amount will be funded by utilizing internal resources. The company plans to follow a phased approach in expansion. In the beginning they will start off with 1000 employees and then they will go increasing it to 1500 in the second phase which will be by 18 months form now.

The health care market is worth $ 70 billion, and it is witnessing a high growth rate of 20 per cent every year. The health care market forms a significant portion of the Gross National Product of the United States. The reforms brought by Obama administration have increased the demand for outsourcing as a result of complexity in the rules and regulations. 

Mr. Tony said that clients require highly specialized services, which are offered by companies in the east; more over outsourcing provides them with cost savings up to 25 per cent. He added that Ajuba Solutions is planning to enter into the pharmaceutical and payer insurance areas as well.

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