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If the latest BPO news is to be believed, new trends have been sweeping the outsourcing industry. These will put the industry on a solid footing in the BPM global scenario. Insight into some of these latest incidents reveals that the BPO sector is on a continuous path of renewal towards a greater degree of sustainability in the business world. Novel pricing methods and new acquisitions have been among the latest BPO news that has provided an impetus for the resurgence of this sector. The industry has been constantly evolving to adapt itself to the changing demands that have been arising in this domain.

Offshoring of back office services has been a common trend in the BPO industry. New processes have been applied in this domain recently, in particular, with regard to pricing, according to the latest BPO news. One of these methods is called outcome-based pricing. In this pricing model, the charge for the services rendered is based on the specific outcome in a business, instead of the actual cost of the operation and labor. This is a growing trend in the BPO industry. Many deals brokered in the outsourcing world usually have full-time equivalent (FTE) pricing since outsourcing buyers are not certain about the actual cost of services.

The use of different platforms had led to the variation in prices in this sector. Business processes are often standardized through outsourcing. This enables the service provider to give some clarity to the costs involved. Hence many new contracts have a clause regarding conversion to outcome based pricing that permits clients to move to this new pricing model at a later period of time. This is one of the new trends that have been sweeping the industry.

Expansion into new regions makes headlines in the latest BPO news

Other new trends from the latest BPO news involve the entry and expansion of BPO companies into new geographical locations. Foray into new regions has often been seen as a way to sustain the business processes. Earlier this month, Infosys had announced its expansion into Latin America. The company has set up a new delivery center for its BPO division in San Josa, Costa Rica. More than 100 employees at this center will deliver key services in the procurement and strategic outsourcing sector for Procter & Gamble, which is a leading company in the packaging goods consumer industry.

The new trends revealed in the latest BPO news indicate that the outsourcing sector has been treading a path of renovation and has been looking out for innovative strategies to reinvent itself. The need for survival in the current economic scenario has led the BPO sector to put in place effective policies that may ensure its sustainability in the long run.

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