BCI-Wrox Academy: Prospects for BPO centers in Uganda receive a boost

Wrox IT Certifications

Uganda is emerging as an important BPO hub in Africa. As more and more African nations have started depending on outsourcing operations, the demand for skilled workers has been on the rise. The country has set in motion several measures that will enable trained employees to work in this sector. Prospects for BPO centers in Uganda have received a boost with the opening of the BCI-Wrox Academy.

The information technology certification institute BCI-Wrox steps into Ugandan soil as the government is in the process of attempting to involve as many academic institutions in this field. This will result in a team of well-trained professionals who are ready to take on the challenges thrown up by the BPO centers in Uganda.  This academy has launched the finest certification courses on IT and BPO in the country.

The entry of BCI-Wrox into Uganda could not have come at a better time.  The candidates who pass the courses will be well-trained, so that they will be able to compete for jobs in the BPO centers in Uganda. Furthermore, more opportunities will be waiting for them in other regions of Africa and the world. This institution has to its credit various international BPO-IT certifications totaling 26, which will assist students to try their hand at virtually any discipline in the industry, and anywhere in the world.

Visions of a formidable BPO workforce by 2015

In 2011, a BPO program was initiated in Uganda for the purpose of establishing call centers on a large scale in the country. This agenda aimed at creating job opportunities for more than 3,000 aspirants. This plan has evolved to a scenario where ample prospects are available in the BPO centers in Uganda. The arrival of BCI-Wrox on Ugandan shores has further cemented these prospects in the BPO sector.

Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator

The mission of BCI-Wrox is to create a robust community of skilled workers and technical experts in the BPO-IT industry that will be able to meet the rising demands of this business sector in Uganda. It is predicted that by 2015, the country will boast of a strong talent pool of experts who will be capable of leading the industry towards inevitable growth. In addition, the current employees in the BPO centers can upgrade their skills through other certification and training programs offered by BCI-Wrox.

Uganda is set to enter a new horizon with the enlisting of talented workers into the industry. This has been made possible by the sterling quality of training imparted to a new generation of workers, who can face the challenges that the BPO centers in Uganda have to offer. It is hoped that by 2015, the vision of the BPO sector thriving well in Uganda will become a reality.

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