Bogota, October 22, 2011- Multinational Business Process Outsourcing Company Convergys’s has launched its contact center in Bogota, Columbia. It inaugurated the center in the presence of Columbian President, Mayor of Bogota and the minister of information technology and communication.

Convergy’s has call centers across different time zones such as America’s, Europe, Middle East and Asia. It began its operations in Bogota in the year Jan 2011.Now it is employing about 800 people, up from 400 earlier and it aims to employ 1000 people by the end of the year.

The workforce at Convergys’s in Bogota is bilingual, with employees speaking B1 or B2 English in accordance with the Common European framework for languages. It was Convergy’s which set up the world intensive English program in collaboration with SENA.SENA is Columbia’s national training service. Another company called Invest in Bogota; helped Convergy’s to draw a feasibility study and phases of investment. Invest in Bogata was basically a public-private investment promotion agency.

We see that Columbia is making a reputation for Multinational BPO companies. The recent examples are French Teleperformance and Spanish Digitex setting up in Medellin and Manizales respectively.

Columbia is an upcoming country with excellent infrastructure, educated workforce and a stable democracy. This is a country which has undergone remarkable transformation. Also, there is an optimism and enthusiasm which is lacking in the US. Columbia’s nascent IT and BPO industry is doing well. A lot of IT companies including, IBM, HP, SAP, Direct TV and Convergy’s have all set up business operations here. The country is now the fourth largest economy in Latin America and it has emerged as the most business friendly country in the continent.

The Harvard business review describes Columbia as an “entrepreneurial breeding ground “. When Hewlett Packard was looking for a location for its global service center location in 2010, the city’s economic development organization collaborated with the government to set up a 32,000 plus square feet of space.

The Columbian software sector employs over 32,000 people. The IT sector as a percentage of Columbian GDP is the second largest in Latin America .The IT sector is expected to grow to over 2.37 billion dollars. Columbia’s IT sector already has some of the world’s biggest IT companies. It includes IBM, HP, Accenture, EDS, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell and Sun. All these companies have realized Columbia’s outsourcing potential and are ready to invest more.

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