Cordys Cloud set to develop business opportunities on a global scale

Cloud computing kitchen sink

Cordys Cloud is the latest in a series of innovative cloud solutions offered by Cordys. This comes with a single and comprehensive Middleware Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which can be utilized for application development, integration, BPM, and enterprise mobility in the public cloud.

The Cordys Cloud service is a combination of various services, which include the database, operating system, and the hardware necessary to run the Cordys Business Operations Platform. The service also provides the Cordys Business Operations Platform as a hosted version.  Managed services are also available from certified administrators, who are members of the Cordys Cloud Operations team.

Cordys Cloud service also includes backup, optional disaster recovery, security and certification, together with.SLA options.

Business expansion on the public cloud

This cloud platform will pave the way for industries to take their business to the next level. It will be a motivation for ISVs to come up with the next generation of SaaS. Service providers will be forced to consider more options as regards cloud services. Value-added services that go beyond the level of infrastructure will give a boom to businesses and aid expansion on a global scale.

Cordys Cloud Provisioning enables the creation of cloud-based services that are essential for the fabrication of a new product. It allows automatic provision of the services. In addition, the whole process involved in the creation of a new service or product can be orchestrated, which can be later fine-tuned and customized to meet individual requirements. Regardless of the provider or source, value-added services are provided with respect to all services or applications.

cordyscloud offerings

Cordys Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure, and it offers a comprehensive Middleware PaaS in the public cloud. Businesses can gain from the various services offered by Cloudys Cloud. Service definition is provided, which details the services that can be possibly offered. Services for different brands with respect to various geographies are segmented under channel management.

Under provisioning, the delivery of services to tenants and users as well as other customers is taken care of. Metering is a method to determine the people who use the services and extent to which they use them. Furthermore, monitoring tracks the status of the system together with its resources.

The whole gamut of services provided by this cloud platform will come as an awakening for BPOs and other companies. Other small-scale businesses also look to profit from this service. The industry is poised to take a giant step with the release of this cloud platform from Cordys.

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