A dedicated BPO job portal with 100,000 jobs launched in Philippines

June 7, 2012: Business process outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  As per the data from the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), BPO is the fastest growing industry in Philippines today. The BPO industry in Philippines gained revenue of $11.6 billion in the year 2011 and generated around 640,000 jobs. Reflecting the true growth of BPO industry, BPAP launched a job portal dedicated to BPO jobs. The job portal promises to have around 100,000 jobs in IT/BPO industry in Philippines.

BPAP’s launched a new job portal ‘Work Abroad. Live Here’ that cites IT/BPO jobs for financial analysts, business analysts, engineers, medical transcriptionist, legal advisors and IT professionals. Sources from BPAP said that the site was launched to create awareness of career opportunities that exist in IT/BPO industry.

The portals offer jobs in Marketing, IT, health care, legal services, creative services, finance and accounting, customer services and KPO. This will encourage new graduates and professionals to stay back home in Philippines and seek high paying jobs.

Philippines over a decade of time turned to be one of the most preferred locations for outsourcing after India and China. The success of voice BPO in the country made them to be in the news constantly.

There are many key factors that drive the growth of the industry. The availability of highly skilled workforce, strong work ethics followed by the people, customer-oriented outlook, strong affinity with western culture and government aid in providing ample infrastructure facilities positions Philippines well in the global outsourcing industry.

The Philippines offer services in the area of voice BPO, Knowledge process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, creative design outsourcing, software development, engineering outsourcing, design process delivery, medical transcription, game development. They have been the leader in providing voice BPO services in the global market

The BPO industry in Philippines comprises of shared service and independent companies that facilitate all types of deals: small or big. Many international companies outsource operations to Philippines; some service provider offers their services from Philippines to MNCs and some home companies offer service to international companies. Many Indian based BPO companies are also setting up their operations in Philippines. The government thus aims to create 1.3 million jobs and generate revenue of US $425 billion by the year 2016

Work Abroad. Live Here portal will allow the Filipinos to know about the various verticals in IT/BPO industry and the various job opportunities in these verticals. The portal targets the untapped talent pool to accelerate the growth of IT/BPO in Philippines. The portal also helps the professionals who need a career shift in the IT/BPO industry. The Portal is only one slice of the campaign to achieve the target of creating 1.3 million jobs by the year 2016.

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