FortisBC moves from outsourcing to insourcing

January 19, 2012: Trends in the outsourcing industry are gradually changing as many players are giving more emphasis on insourcing rather than outsourcing. The change in trend is being noticed in many sectors such as manufacturing, software and many others.

FortisBC has also decided to give more emphasis on insourcing instead of outsourcing. According to the information available, the company has employed around 200 in Burnaby in Canada. The company sources quoted that they are trying to include more jobs in the future. The total earnings of this insourced group will come around $42,000.

According to the official members there is record number of job applications piling around in the contract centres. As per the available statistics, that there were over 13,000 job applications received for a total of 300 positions.

Fortis is very conscious about bringing back the jobs to British Columbia so that it can make some changes to the worst employment condition which is present in the market right now. And it is also appreciable that the company is working towards serving customers need locally. Since, the employees are from local area it is very helpful for the customers.

The service provided by employees from the known area is considered to be far better from that of service providers in the offshore markets.

The new customer support centre will be providing total facility of handling 3,000 to 4,000 queries in a single day. The project will also help to reduce the overall cost incurred for the company to provide the services. There are also planning that the company will be adding new online services for the payment of bills which is considered to be a very good facility.

However, to promote insourcing, last year the company could create a total of 200 new customers care jobs. Later on there were addition of 130 jobs in Prince George. In Western Canada, the company again did some more additions in customer service jobs. A total of 600 customer service jobs were added recently.

It is expected that in the near future more companies will be looking forward to adopt the insourcing culture rather than entirely depending on outsourcing. But, it is also obvious that it will be very difficult for companies to entirely depend on insourcing as the benefits from outsourcing are immense.

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