Global firms opting for PhD holders in Indian KPO’s

Global firms hire PhD holders in India, as employees for their operations in captive centers. This interesting fact is garnered from the study by some experts. According to these experts, the change in attitude of global companies towards hiring specialized manpower from India including the PhD sector came about because of the increase in value of the Indian operations.

With the shift from back office work to specialized processes in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), the value of Indian operations saw a significant rise. MNCs seek PhD holders from India due to the recognition of this trend of rising standards of India talent pool.

PhD candidates for BPOs in India. Image source

According to Aditya Narayana Mishra, President-Staffing and Director-Marketing at Randstad India, the focus on specialized manpower by the global firms had initially begun with financial and banking services. It slowly spread its branches to retail as well as healthcare. As such, global firms hire PhD holders in India at an increased rate.

Changing scenario

Experts point out that there has been an increased setting up of GICs (Global In-House Centers) in India. These captive centers are on the rise since the companies have recognized the increase in quality of work in the country. The GICs would benefit healthcare companies, retail companies, consumer companies and engineering firms as well.

Research work was not outsourced to India in the beginning with important processes like statistical modeling as well as analysis being carried out in the headquarters of the companies abroad. However, recently, MNCs seek PhD holders from India to assign such important tasks and research work to them.

Another indication of the global recognition that Indian talents have garnered is the rise in the number of patents generated from the back-office operations of MNCs in India.

People had earlier pursued PhD to be in the academics field. However, with an increased number of MNCs seeking specialized persons with postdoctoral expertise, there has been a change in trend. These MNCs even approach the R&D centers of IITs. People have begun to look upon these courses as a means to enter the corporate world and earn better.

GICs have helped in the tremendous growth of the IT-BPO sector in India. NASSCOM states that GICs have established ‘proof of concept’ and also helps in branding India as an important global sourcing destination.

In the fiscal year 2010, there were 750 IT-BPO captive centers set up by MNCs in India, with 28% of these centers scattered in multiple locations, and employing around 4 lakh people. About one-fifth of export revenues and employees of the country from IT-BPO sector is contributed by GICs.

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