HP launches big data analytics platform HAVEn

haven, HP Big Data Analytics

Hewlett-Packard in an attempt to plump up their big data analytics portfolio has launched the new platform ‘HAVEn’. The platform is designed to be a service that allows organizations to analyze and therefore better understand their data. The platform will enable real-time delivery of solutions.

HP executive speaks

Amit Chatterjee, the Country Director for HP Software and Solutions spoke about the product at the launch. He was quoted as saying, “HAVEn, is a big data analytics platform, which leverages HP’s analytics software, hardware and services to create the next generation of big data-ready analytics applications and solutions.”

When speaking about the market he believed that big data analytics had a substantial market in India valued currently at $200 million. He also said that the market is expected to touch nearly $1 billion by the year 2015.

Further, he was also quoted as saying, “According to research commissioned on behalf of HP, nearly half (47 percent) of companies surveyed in India will spend at least 10 per cent of their IT innovation budget on big data this year.”

In the same vein he added, “More than one-third of the organizations surveyed also believe strongly that Big Data is the largest competitive differentiator for their organization. However, the study found that more than 10 per cent of these organizations have failed with a big data initiative they had implemented”

Amit Chatterjee was speaking about the market niche that big data analytics seems to have in the Indian context. He also stressed the importance of the analytics tool that HP released as it would fill a void and complete IT innovation budgets that most companies have.

The future

The company has also launched HP Operations Analytics, a supporting feature to the big data analytics portfolio. The feature will help clients operate on and build big data solutions. The integrated solution is the first of its kind built on the HAVEn.

Chatterjee spoke at length about the feature. He was of the opinion that the solution will help clients gain further insight into the various aspects of their IT operations and help check service quality levels. The company also at the same press release announced the release of two more offerings. HP Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup and HP Vertica Community Edition will be the latest additions to the big data analytics portfolio at HP.

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