HP targets Infrastructure Outsourcing

March 2, 2012: Hewlett Packard feels that the Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing (ITO) services will be the future of outsourcing and will play a significant role in growth of the sector in the country. According to HP, Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing which includes data centers, information security services and many others will take India to the next level of outsourcing.

Prakash M S, V P, Hewlett Packard ITO Global Delivery India says that the company has been expanding since the start of the application based services, which was followed by Business Process Outsourcing services and now the company believes that Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing will be the next big thing in the industry.

HP is providing ITO services in the global front and has recently entered into an agreement with Downer EDI Limited. The period of the contract extends to six year and is a multimillion dollar agreement. Based on the contract HP will develop, handle and maintain the company’s technology infrastructure for a period of six years.

Prakash observes that the growth of ITO services is evident from the start of the millennium. The growth is driven by the need and understanding of the customers for ITO services such as data center management. Over a period of five years the number of people employed in the ITO sector has increased from 20,000 to 100,000. In terms of the number of people employed, the ITO services have grown substantially.

The increase in demand is from the use of emails and mobiles services which has become an essential part of any business. This is going to increase in the years to come and will open up new markets for the ITO services.

The present model of Hewlett Packard integrates the benefits of offshoring and onshoring to create the idea of Best Shore. HP has six delivery centers across the world and the Best Shore ITO center in India caters to the service requirements of the clients across the globe. The company’s workforce in India serves the clients across the globe and has made significant contributions to the growth of the company in the ITO services domain.

The ITO services will help clients to transform their fragmented and inefficient models to single data center, operating system and network. ITO will help clients to reduce risks, improve performance of the business and to cut costs. This gains importance in the present day dynamic and competitive business environment.

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