iDatix adds Neopost Southeast as new strategic partner

iDatix, intelligent software solutions developer, has entered into a strategic partnership with Neopost Southeast which is a company providing innovative solutions in postal and other related communications industry. The partnership will result in Neopost offering iSynergy (which is a software facilitating workflow automation and document management) to over 10,000 customers of the company. The initiative is part of the company’s commitment to continuously improving its business.

Jim Kapper, sales manager at Neopost Southeast said that the strategic partnership that iDatix Corporation and Neopost Southeast has entered upon is an instance where the company heeds customer’s needs and responds accordingly. He added that Neopost Southeast is continuously growing by expanding their business and product base and also providing full solution to customers in order to satisfy their automation needs in strategic business process.

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Currently, Neopost deals with offering efficient, affordable and innovative solutions in logistic management along with traceability and mailing as well as shipping workflow. On adding the iSynergy suite to the company’s operations, Neopost will be able to enhance the current offerings for their clients so that they can streamline their operations, improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Join Ibbitson, channel manager at iDatix Corporation said that the company is delighted to welcome Neopost to its midst and considered it an honor to work with a leading company in the communications and postal industry. He said that iDatix will work with Neopost to offer new innovative technology to their clients and help the company hold a very competitive position in the market.

Neopost has its products and services delivered in nine countries. In proving mailroom solutions, Neopost ranks first position in Europe and holds second in the whole world. The addition of iSynergy software for workflow automation and document management to its already extensive range of products and services will propel Neopost Southeast to become the top company providing mailroom solutions in North America.

The other mail support equipment and shipping and mailing systems offer by Neopost include postage meters, address printers, mailing machines, tabbers, folders/inserters, mail center management tools and tracking and sorting systems for mail. Direct sales and independent dealers which provide service, sales and supplies to customers take care of the equipments and systems offered by Neopost.

iDatix caters to creating and offering intelligent software solutions which help to align processes, technology and people. BPM (Business Process Management), Dynamic Case Management and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions are deeply integrated in iDatix operations. The services offered by iDatix have helped companies like Lockheed-Martin, Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital, AG First Farm Credit etc.

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