Infosys launches an alternative delivery model for BPO

November 18, 2011 – Infosys BPO, a leading business process outsourcing provider in India with clients across the world launched an Alternative delivery Model for offering BPO services. Infosys also inaugurated the shared services operation in partnership with Desicrew in the human resource area.

As per the company sources, the newly announced alternative delivery model will help in offering the next level of flexibility and competitive edge for the Infosys’s clients. More over it will help in developing a sustainable model will help in accessing and providing long term career options for BPO employees in India.

According to Kris Gopalakrishnan the newly announced model which is a significant part of their BPO growth strategy will help them to deliver the next level of differentiation and benefits for their clients. He added that the their success in setting up and starting live services form a Tier 4 town is an example of their long term vision and commitment to drive BPO operations in the rural areas. The live service from a rural area is as a result of the collaborative model with an outsourced service provider.

Infosys has spent time and effort in improving their operating models over the past few years. After constant evaluation and regular analysis of the business model, Infosys decided to improve delivery capability in tier 3 and tier 4 towns. This will be accomplished with the partnership with service providers, say company officials. According to Swami Swaminathan, the alternative model will help in reaching the BPO talents across India. He added that the partnerships with other service providers will help them to accomplish their task.

The company officials believe that the model will help them to deliver value to the clients based on their changing needs, in the recent months to come. The company believes that the model will help to reach those talents that are otherwise unavailable due to lack of geographic mobility, at a faster rate ever than before. In addition to this the company expects that the talents from rural areas will be benefited from the model as they will have hands on experience on world class processes and technologies which will help them to build a better career in the BPO industry. 

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