Infosys to replicate rural BPO model in global destinations too

Bangalore, November 30, 2011: Bangalore based IT giant; Infosys has decided to go global with their Rural BPO strategy. The company which has recently launched BPO unit in Kaup is on the way to launch another one at Bagepally is thinking of implementing the new strategies in the international rural regions as well.

According to the sources Infosys will be setting up some BPO units in the rural areas in foreign countries. The company has selected rural centers such as Tier II and Tier III towns for the purpose. The Associate Vice president, strategic business practice of Infosys, Rajiv Reghunadan said that the company might come up with the foreign rural BPOs in the coming four to five years. Rajiv Reghunadan is also the head of HR services, Infosys BPO.

Infosys to replicate rural BPO in global destinations

As if now, the IT leader has a total of five BPO centers in the home country as well as in different international locations.  The foreign location includes countries such as China, Poland as well as the Philippines. Now, the company has decided to turn the focus on the rural area in such countries where there is immense possibilities for the company to easily flourish.

Sources also added that the strategy in global outsourcing destinations will be similar to what Infosys has implemented in India. That means, the company will be making tie ups with some partners in the Tier II and III cities which will help the company to understand the scope in that particular area.

The company also believes that there are immense benefits in concentrating in rural because retaining employees in such places is much easier compared to urban cities. Moreover it is also easy to increase the work hour and work load in the rural but in urban there are many other difficulties which company has to face such as; issues related to transportation and overtime.

Infosys is running a rural BPO in partnership with Desicrew in the Udupi district of Karnataka. Another BPO unit will be launched in the coming month which is located at Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh unit will be launched with Ruralshores.

As if now it is not only Infosys that is focusing on rural BPO. There are many other Indian players who find the possibilities in the rural area as an advantage. The company believes that going global as well as focusing on Business Process Outsourcing Units in the rural of foreign countries will definitely help them maintain the status in the industry.

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