Innovation Group wins 4 XCelent Awards for Insurance BPO solution

December 7, 2011: Innovation Group announced that their Insurer Policy solution has been recognized with four XCelent awards. The company is into offering BPO services to different categories such as the insurance, fleet management and other sectors.

Insurer Policy, the insurance processing solution from Innovation Group was awarded on various categories, out of which advance technology was the major one. In the Advance technology category, various other factors were also considered such as flexible technology, modern language as well as other factor such as architecture and breadth of configurability. The other criteria were Breadth of Functionality and Customer base.

According to the released press note, Insurer policy solution is built around domain expertise and software product innovation. The software product, which forms the core of the insurance processing solution, is built on modern platform and rich with various functions. It is designed as a flexible platform for usability as well as for easy maintenance.  The Insurer policy solution provides important business values such as Business agility, productive innovation, customer centric, underwriting excellence and scalability to their clientele.

Well, on the occasion the CEO of Innovation Group said that the company is very pleased and happy to be awarded with four Celent awards. He said that Insurer policy delivers a better comprehensive solution to address insurance processing needs of P and C insurers. The company’s success is attributed to their capability to respond faster to the market dynamics as well as in coming up with right solutions through constant analysis of market growth opportunities and customer demand.

As far as The Innovation Group plc is concerned, the company is one among the most reputed global player with excellent experience in BPO and technological excellence to the insurance industry. Apart from insurance, the company also deals with Fleet and automotive industries. At present the company is having more than 800 global clients. Some of the major clients are the AXA Insurance, Hertz, CAN, LeasePlan and much more. Surprisingly, Innovation Group processes approximately 4 million claims every year, accordingly to the official status of the company.

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